Does The Pendulum Only
Attract Earth Bound Spirits?

by Caz

I use the pendulum alphabet chart and it works brilliant for me.

However, my first contact I asked to speak with my spirit guide, another spirit made out he was my guide. Soon I could feel his energy, and suddenly I could hear his voice too, but I used the chart to verify everything I heard. Anyway to cut a long story short I got healing to remove this spirit from my aura as he became too intrusive.

I then stopped using the pendulum for a few months. I began using the chart again and this time I protected myself by saying a prayer asked for Archangel Michael's protection etc. and I got a spirit thru who said that she was an abortion from my partner an I should call her star.

I felt uncomfortable and she kept saying, "Feel me. If you do this, it is the way to God."
I told her it wasn't as my experience with feeling spirit the last time I allowed them to come into my energy/space which seemed to strengthen them.

Anyway when I said "No", she said "It's a joke".

Therefore it's only dark or earthbound spirits who can lie and I asked my angel and Archangel Michael only to allow spirits from higher realms whom speak the truth to come through.

Why do I appear to get spirits thru who lie?

I believe like attracts like an I'm an honest spiritual person who doesn't ask personal questions and such messages just came out.

I did have my cousin who came thru who spoke with me and he said I should use the pendulum and alphabet chart as I'm helping others as he is lighter now as he put it! And I'd be helping others like him.

I want to keep using the pendulum, but do have a fear when they keep telling me to feel their energy as sometimes I do. Is an alphabet chart just like a ouija board which attracts earthbound spirits?

How can I help them progress in the spirit world if I am meant to help them?

As I do believe we cross over in the condition we leave our earth life and I seem to attract menacing spirits who make out they are either my guide or baby I aborted?

Some people believe we speak to our higher self and I know this is not true after speaking with so many different spirits, some of whom I know most I don't. I have so many questions as at first I didn't protect myself when using this which turned out quite horrific, but got help to detach spirit from me.

I now spend 15 mins. at least praying and protecting myself when using the board and still get spirits thru who lie?

Also I take it it is dangerous to allow spirit in when they ask you to feel their energy?

As doing this the first time gave me the ability to hear, feel, and see spirit. But only happened with one male spirit I never knew from earth. It makes me cautious to allow them into my aura in future in case they take over and become intrusive like my first experience.

Initially, I thought I was clairevoyant as I could hear, feel, and see spirit both thru my third eye and also when I closed my eyes (when awake) however I'm now not sure if I am clairvoyant as this is the only experience I've had and now think it was me feeling his energy that got into my energy if that makes sense.

It was an extrordinary experience, but I want to learn more before going back using the pendulum and alphabet chart.

Thanks for listening and hope you can verify my queries.

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Aug 09, 2012
Does The Pendulum Only Attract Earth Bound Spirits?
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hi Caz,

My gosh, you sure have many questions and I will do the best I can to help you. It makes me think that perhaps I should have an online course for using a pendulum.

First of all, you need to release any fears you have regarding using a pendulum and attracting negative spirits. Your negativity will only attract more negativity towards yourself. For my releasing technique read, releasing anger and substitute your fear for anger.

There are negative spirits are out there, I call them lost souls who have not gone home. Do not take it personal, they will go to whoever they can and play with you or someone else who communicates with them. Read my page on spiritual protection. Do not engage with them. Call in Archangel Michael immediately and ask Him to bring them home. If they keep coming in, keep calling on him or another archangel if Michael is busy, as he can be these days.

Once you open yourself to communicating in the spiritual realm, you will attract them and that is why it is important to ask for protection daily and before you work with your pendulum. Even now, they come to me daily all day long, I just move them on up.

I advise not to try and feel their vibrations and energy, just ask that they are removed.

Yes, the pendulum is a good spiritual tool to use for helping others, but in terms of helping lost souls, ask for Archangel Michael's help until you are more adept at dealing with them.

As for the soul of the baby who came in to speak with you, (there is a reason for that happening). Just ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself for having the baby aborted. If you need more help in understanding what I have written, I suggest you take and e-counseling session with me or do an online counseling session.

Remember that all you are experiencing is part of your life's lessons.

Sending healing vibrations,

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