Don't Understand

by Diane (Dee)
(Broadway, NJ USA)

My name is Dee, and I've been trying to use a pendulum since December 2015.

Every single time I pick it up I ask Arch Angel Michael to protect me - my home - vehicles and my pendulum only allowing the highest Angels/guides in to help me and rid any/all negative energies. And each time I always use sage.

I don't understand why I constantly get energies that are not in the light.

What am I doing wrong? Sometimes I will get an Angel that tells me they're a light being and we'll communicate for a couple of minutes then I can tell by the answers that a negative energy is there again - and I have to keep asking Arch Angel Michael to rid them; but usually I just have to stop because it doesn't work.

Please help me as I would love to be sure I'm getting the purest and highest light guide or Angel and not a negative energy.

Thank you - Dee

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Mar 29, 2017
Don't Understand
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Dee,,

I can understand your frustration, there are times that I go through the same problem.

It is important that your mind is clear of all other thoughts except your question

It is also important that there aren't any negative energies or lost souls in your environment that will affect your pendulum.

Ask Archangel Michael:

" Please take all lost souls who are in my environment to the most appropriate place at this time, and cleanse my home of all negative vibrations belonging to the lost soul, and also cleanse all levels of my being that are affected by the negative vibrations"

Also it is important to install a program in your Dowsing system.

First you need permission to install a program, secondly write our and read your program, and ask to see if it is okay.

In this process, you are programming your Subconscious or Dowsing System, not the pendulum and you do not have to repeat the program each time you dowse.

"Your Primary Program

It should start and end with quotation marks.
is to be continually in effect until the installer (you) wishes to make changes.

It covers overall primary controls, limits, agreements, and dowsing responses.

The purpose is to determine amounts, effects, conditions, circumstances, influences, times, measurements, distances, numbers, percentages and other requested areas.

Communications and Support is to be inter-cooperative, and restricted to
- your Superconscious
- Spirit,
- Higher Self
- Your Awareness
- Subconscious and related systems and all other levels of Your Personal Being and the approved Spirit guides/guardian angels, Entities, helpers and others chosen by the above.

(This is important )Influences, such as misleading thoughts, images, wishes, or any other conditions or methods from any source, physical or non-physical of ANY KIND are not to take control of any of your systems or affect you adversely or cause incorrect dowsing answers without your permission

Time as related to dowsing is to be your perceived time unless otherwise requested.

Answers are to be selected from all available knowledge and information sources.

Method of Answering by the pendulum or any other dowsing system is to be:

1. Swinging to (?) or other agreed on methods or systems indicating ready for questions
2. General, swinging or moving to "yes" or "no" or other information indicating the most appropriate answer for the question asked, or other requested information methods or systems.

Temporary Changes to any dowsing Program may be made by yourself, while dowsing, reverting back to the original program after use.

Program changes like adding, deleting, or changing may be made by yourself but only by using the "Three Step System " of your choice.

End of Program, thank You"

NoteThe Three Step Program is
1) get permission
2) read your program
3) check if it is okay
While reading your program make sure you are using your dowsing tool (pendulum)
The three steps are used to prevent accidental changes without your deliberate intent.

If your sensing negative spirits or entities, use an incense such as Dragon's Blood.

I know this is a lot to take in at this time, but installing a specific program based on your needs will help to get accurate answers in your dowsing with a pendulum.

This information is taken from Letter to Robin.

Sending light and love,

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