Dowsing for Beginners Is Important
In Learning How To Use A Pendulum

Dowsing Pendulum For BeginnersDowsing Pendulum

Pendulum dowsing for beginners is an important page to read if you are just starting out.

But, before you start working with a pendulum, make sure that you and your pendulum are cleansed and that you are protected.

You can call on Archangel Michael and ask for both cleansing and protection. Spiritual protection is very important and if you read this page, you will find the reason why.

It is also important that you are grounded and your mind is clear and focused.

Daily meditation helps to quiet your mind in order that you can dowse effectively. Read my pages on meditation starting at benefits of meditation.

A good grounding exercise is the following:

  • close your eyes
  • imagine bright white light (Divine) coming at the the top of your head through your crown chakra
  • guide this white light through your other 6 chakras, then down your legs and going from the bottom of your feet to the ground below.
  • do this exercise a couple of times, then try and lift your feet.

If you have done this exercise correctly, your feet will feel very heavy. Try to move one or the you know you are grounded.

Origins of Dowsing

The original meaning of dowsing is "the practice of seeking water or other substances (usually liquid) with the aid of a forked stick or similar pointing device, as believed by some practitioners to derive from supernatural power".

I remember hearing a voice that said "use your pendulum" when I had to find the septic tank in order to fix an underground pipe.

Today, dowsing also applies to seeking information about all kinds of things, not just physical objects or places. Using a pendulum is also considered dowsing.

Need Dowsing Tools For Beginners

In order to practice, you can either use dowsing rods for locating water, wells, septic tanks and/or pendulum for asking questions.

If you are just starting dowsing for beginners and are looking to buy crystals, gemstones or pendulums, visit Healing Crystals,

You can also use a gemstone that you prefer, crystals or any object that has meaning for you.

Method of Pendulum Dowsing for Beginners

Start by holding the chain with your pendulum between your index finger and thumb. Most people use their dominant hand as it is more comfortable. For balance you can rest the elbow of your dominant hand on a table once you start.

Ask the pendulum to show what is "yes" and "no" answers. For most people, "yes" is a clock-wise swing and "no" is counter-clock-wise.

"Yes" could also be back and forth, and "no" left to right. If it swings back and forth instead of counter clockwise or diagonally, (once you establish your "yes" and "no" responses) that means maybe or there's no answer to your question. then, re-phrase your question.

To clear yourself, you can tap your thymus on the upper part of your chest before beginning. At the same time clear your head of all extraneous thoughts.

In dowsing for beginners, it is also important to clear yourself and your pendulum. Say the following:

Cleansing Yourself And Your Pendulum

Please clear all detrimental energies from me and from my pendulum. Allow only the Highest Universal Truth to work through me in perfect harmony and balance for the greatest degree of accuracy in my dowsing.

The answers are coming from your Higher Self. But, you could get the answer that you want. I suggest that you ask, "Can I receive an accurate answer to this question"?

To check to see if you are receiving the correct answers to your questions, ask simple questions like your name (ie. "Is my name Linda"?) or your address.

In dowsing for beginners, once you establish the "yes" and "no" responses of your pendulum, one of the most important things to test are foods and supplements. Hold your pendulum over the food or supplement and ask, "Is this something that I need?" of "Is this good for my body?"

There are so many others questions that you can ask your pendulum, have fun with it.

Don’t forget to practice…practice…and practice some more!

More Tips On Using A Pendulum

  1. Write down your questions so you can analyze and revise them. Written questions offer consistency whereas your memory fluctuates.

  2. If your higher self (some people refer to this as your subconscious mind) causes muscular contractions that are resulting in the dowsing response, allow the response to take place without consciously interfering.

  3. Seek a complete "yes" or "no" response, if not question further or ignore it.

  4. Interpret the responses as honestly as you can. You do not want your wishful thinking to interfere.

  5. Take time out to gather your thoughts and to write down the responses. Keeping a record helps you to see your progress.

  6. Lastly, always work alone to gain confidence. You do not want someone else to handle your pendulum or their thoughts interfering in your work. You can always compare with someone afterwards.

If you are still having difficulties in dowsing for beginners, you can ask me questions directly on site at using a pendulum.

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