How To Cleanse Your Dowsing
Pendulum with a Gemstone

Aventurine PendulumAventurine Pendulum

There are many methods for cleansing your dowsing pendulum. Use the one that works for you.

If your pendulum has a gemstone or semi-precious stone, the stone has to be cleared and then charged. There are many ways to clear your pendulum and charge the stone, but first you need to understand why you have to cleanse your pendulum.

With time and usage, the gemstone can take on many forms of negative energy from thoughts, emotions, air pollution and electromagnetic energies. These negative energies can affect the positive vibrations of your stone.

You will know when your dowsing pendulum has to be cleared,

  • you may receive negative vibrations from it,
  • or a decrease in the stone's energy,
  • it may not move at all or move erratically.

Sometimes your gemstone can even appear cloudy or sticky to the touch.

It's time to cleanse your pendulum!

My Methods of Cleansing A Pendulum

These are two methods that I use:

  • when I'm pressed for time, I call in Archangel Michael and ask Him to clear and cleanse my pendulum.
  • otherwise I place my pendulum on the windowsill at night during a full moon or in the daylight to be charged by the sun.

7 Methods of Cleansing Your Dowsing Pendulum

1. If you are in a hurry, hold your gemstone under cold running water for a few seconds while visualizing a bright white light clearing your gemstone.

  2. You can soak your stone(s) in a salt water solution overnight, but you cannot use this method with all gemstones especially with those that have copper in them, they will lose their polished look. I wouldn't use this method if you have sterling silver chain or mount for your gemstone and do not use on quartz stones.

  3. You can bury your gemstones in sea salt for  one day to a week. The sea salt takes on the imbalanced energies, but throw away the salt after clearing your stone(s). You can use this method with most semi-precious stones, exception being quartz stones.

Amethyst Pendulum

   4. You can bury your stone in the earth for several days and ask the Deva of the particular stone and the earth to help you to cleanse your stone and re-balance the stone's energy.

  5. You can use your breathe as life force energy to clear your stone.

  6. You can also cleanse your gemstone in the smoke of dried sage leaves. As you pass your pendulum with your gemstone through the smoke you can affirm that your gemstone is being purified. You can also use sage to cleanse your home.

  7. Lastly, if you have several gemstones you can leave them out in a rain, snow or thunder storm, the storms help to re-balance the energy of the stones.

Once your stone and pendulum is cleansed and charged, you will feel the stone's energy in a particular place in your body. You will know when the stone has lost it's charge as you will no longer feel it's energy.

After your stone is cleansed, thank the stone for helping you because each stone has a spirit diva.

The method you chose that is best for you will be based on your beliefs and perceptions.

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