Dowsing Techniques Using Your Body

There are many kinds of dowsing techniques and I will describe those using your body instead of a pendulum.

Even though through hearing voices I receive information, I still use a pendulum or other techniques depending on the situation.

The first three techniques involve using your fingers.

First Technique:

Make and "O" with your thumb and forefinger of one hand and try to pull it part with your thumb and forefinger of your other hand. As you are doing this ask, "Show me a yes, then show me a no.”

Generally, your yes response will be harder to pull apart than your no.

  • Second Technique:

Place your middle finger on top of your index finger and squeeze them together pressing sideways. As you are doing this finger technique, ask "Show me a yes and then show me a no.” Usually your yes will be the one that the fingers stick together and in the no response, the top finger will slip off.

  • Third Technique:

You can use this dowsing technique when you are sitting at a table with a smooth surface. As you press one of your finger pads down on the able, move it across the surface of the table while asking for a yes, then no response. Usually, if your finger feels sticky on the table, that is your yes. These methods are easy to use in public without anyone noticing what you’re doing.

  • Fourth technique:

This involves using your whole body in asking questions. You need to be calm and standing quietly. Then ask your body for yes and no responses. Yes is usually bending or falling forwards and no backwards. Be careful when you use this technique.

For example, you can use your body when you ask about a particular food or substance while holding it close to your body. You will usually feel a reaction, like a tingling sensation perhaps in your stomach or heart. Then ask to be shown a yes then a no response.

If you have problems with any of these techniques, you can contact me or you can write online at using a pendulum. When you write online, you can help others who may be having the same difficulty. These are just some of the dowsing techniques you can learn to use. Have fun practicing!  

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