Dream Journeys

by Nilda Pedraja
(Miami, FL - US)

I always have these vivid dreams where I travel, see and talk to people that I have never known or seen before.

I have been to Africa twice with my deceased dad. He waits for me by the airplane and when I board the airplane he disappears. I see him again when the airplane lands and he waits for me when I come out of the airplane. We communicate telepathically. I know it's Africa, because I see the tribal attire of the people around me. I walk the streets of Africa and see the buildings and people.

When I wake up, I have jet lag and feel real tired. I have a picture of my mom and dad when they got married and my dad looks young like in their wedding picture. My mom told me he was 27 when they got married.

I seen my dad on the 9th day after he passed. I have never seen him again only in dreams. I know he tries to give me messages, but sometimes I don't know how to interpret them.

The biggest message that I received in a dream was that I was near the ocean and walking towards it. I felt like I was walking for a while. I knew I was in a foreign country, because it didn't look like the US. I got to to the edge of a coral mural and looked over it. I was on top of a small hill and I could look ahead and to the bottom.

The scene was the wide open ocean and on the beach was a young black male in a squatting position leaning against the coral wall looking towards the ocean. Also, on the beach was a young woman with a little 1 or 2 year old girl that was running about the beach ignoring her mother's pleas to come to her. Her mother was looking at her and at the same time towards the ocean.

When I lifted my head to look ahead I saw thousands of people (men, women, & children) going in and out of the ocean. I could tell they were spirit beings because they were transparent. They were inter-crossing each other and were dressed like normal people dress everyday.

The little girl noticed me and she ran in a playful way towards where I was standing up on top. She had dark long black hair and dark tan complexion like a Latino girl. Her mother kept on calling her and she ignored the mother and came towards where I was. She was a very happy and very cheerful girl. I bent over the coral mural enough where I could reach to touch her hand. She reached out for me to and touched my hand and smiled at me. When she touched my hand, her hand was wet from the ocean water and she in turn wet my hand. I felt a huge sense of calmness and peace within me when she touched me. My dream was very vivid to the point I felt my hands wet. She smiled at me and proceeded to go to her mother.

When I woke up from this dream I was so startled that I went to work that morning and felt the need to tell someone about this dream. I told a co-worker and I also told her that I felt something big was going to happen and it wasn't going to be in the US, because I knew I was in a foreign country and the black young gentlemen was my sign. I knew it was in a country surrounded by the ocean, but at the time I couldn't pin point what country it was. I also proceeded to tell my co-worker that I knew thousands of people were going to die, because I seen them in spiritual form going in and coming out of the ocean.

After I told my co-worker this dream, about 2 months later the Haiti earthquake occurred. I was devastated with all the people that passed with that earthquake. As soon as my co-worker found out she ran to me to tell me that I had a revelation in that dream. It was the Haiti earthquake.

I pay close attention to my dreams now, but sometimes I know and I am conscious that there are messages, but I have a hard time interpreting them.

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Nov 13, 2012
Dream Journeys
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hello Nilda,

You are receiving much information in your dreams which helps you to know and understand what is going on and what is to come. You can use this to help others, but you will have to call on your spiritual guide for helping you to know what to do.
Also ask for help in understanding your father's messages.

We are all here for a purpose and this ability you have can be used to help others.

One thing for sure, you have to release any fear or skepticism you have regarding what you are receiving.

For releasing negativity, read my page at
releasing anger and substitute fear or any other negative emotion or behavior or pattern. This technique works.

Sending light and love,

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