Dream World Or Dimensional Bridge

by Shane

This is a follow up of my previous article "Conscience, Spirits or insanity."

As mentioned before one of the recent voices I have heard sounded like the dark Super-heroine, Raven.

During one of my dreams, what started out as a usual lucid and or Dream dictionary worthy dream, ended in a bit of shock and confusion. I would not describe much detail of my dream aside from a key factor in the dream.

When I was a teen I was bit by a rottweiler and as a result I am slowly recovering from a fear of dogs. One of the reasons I get bothered by this is because almost every lucid dream I ever had always ends with that rottweiler attacking me causing me to wake up.

The dream I had at the end of January this year was different. Just as the Rottweiler is about to attack me again, Raven appears and protects me from it. Now the dog unlike most of the other times it has appeared, it didn't scare me. What scared me was what Raven said to me when she fended off the Rottweiler.

I don't remember the exact sentence, but she implied that she was Aware that I am dreaming.

Now, I have some pretty messed up dreams, from good to nightmarish to otherwise like normal people. However, not one person in my dream, whether they knew me personally or were some new manifestation, was ever aware that this was only a dream.

As far as those manifestations are concerned the dream world is the real world. What would this mean?

Would a spirit in the form of a fictional character be guiding me?

Or has this dream ,I have, temporarily opened a bridge between two worlds that what we considered to be fiction would be reality in the neighboring dimension?

Even now as I speak, I feel as though Raven is watching over me. I asked her a day after my dream why of all the minds she could have entered why she spoke to me?

She replied, "Yours is the only one of interest to me and I plan to stay with you until we both figure out what is going on."

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Mar 26, 2011
Dream World Or Dimensional Bridge
by: Shane

I read somewhere that Alan Moore claimed he saw his creation, and John Constantine twice in his life time.

At first I thought it was a publicity stunt, but after hearing and seeing Raven he might not be BS'ing after all.

Feb 19, 2011
Dream world or dimensional bridge
by: Shane

Believe me, I wrote everything down as soon as I woke from it I had to keep it fresh in my mind so I could try dream recall after writing it down. Raven has revealed more to me after I posted this article.

Apparently, she is trying to get out of whatever dimension she is from. You are right she is trying to reach me. I keep telling her its not that simple even for her. I put it in a logical way for her to understand.

That with an exception of anything supernatural, there is no scientific way to access other dimensions in this universe. However if her universe is the way I think it is there is probably someone in that world whether it be a force of good or a force of evil (Maybe a mad scientist who knows) would have the knowledge to make a machine that would access other universes.

Basically long story short if she is from another universe and that universe is the fictional universe to our world then logically it would use fictional logic.

The strangest thing though I had another lucid dream after talking to her. Only this time the Rottweiler didn't appear at all let alone attack me.

Feb 19, 2011
Dream World Or Dimensional Bridge
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Shane,

First of all, everything that appears in dreams represents a part of one's self. The rottweiler in your dream represents your fear, and whatever fear you have within you will appear in the form of the rottweiler.

I take it that you are an avid comic book fan? so was I when a child. What is familiar to you will appear in your dreams and since Raven is familiar to you, I suspect your spiritual guide is appearing in the form of Raven.

Your dreams are the path to your soul, they will tell you much about yourself. Dream analysis is daunting for me and I will only do so for others when requested through my online counseling page, but I have followed my own dreams, and have learned much through them.

Keep track of them as the symbols in your dreams will only have significance to you.

Make contact with your guide, and ask for assistance which will probably come through in your dreams.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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