Dreamt Of A Guardian Angel

by Maureen
(London, UK)

Greetings Tanya.

Like one of your readers I, too, thought I was pregnant. Even though the pregnancy test was negative, I still had all the symptoms and put on weight.

My pendulum stated I was pregnant, the time it was conceived and how many weeks. I even began feeling flutters in lower abdomen. When I asked the pendulum, it stated that it was the baby.

I decided to have a scan done privately but, two days before the scan I had the most wonderful dream. I dreamt that I had a baby boy and the father looked after him(the father in the dream was a pastor and not my ex-partner) for two weeks and brought him back to me.

Before they arrived, my cell phone rang and it was my ex-partner on the line saying; "This has gone on for too long and we need to talk." (Unfortunately, in real life my partner and I broke up when the pregnancy test proved negative - he wants a child.)

When he brought the baby back to me the baby looked like a two week old baby. However, the baby transformed into three different babies in front of me.

First, the baby was a black toddler with black curly hair, then the toddler changed into a mediterranean toddler with brown mousy hair, then he changed into a light skinned (mixed raced) toddler with the most beautiful colour eyes I have ever seen that sparkled and shone like the sun.

Then the colour of the eyes changed and one of the eyes looked a bit sore. I asked the father what he had named the baby, he said, "Santos". As I awoke I asked, "What if it is a girl what should I name her? The voice said, "Saint Anna."

When I awoke, I felt wonderful and felt that the dream revealed to me my Guardian Angel. I looked up the word 'Santos' and it stated that it means 'Saint' in Spanish and listen to this....St. Anne or Hannah, was the mother of the Virgin Mary.

Can you believe this? Was this truly my Guardian Angel? And what do you think of my ex-partner phoning me on the cell.

Since then I dream of my partner quite often. The scan revealed that I was not pregnant, however my fibroids have shrunk. My pendulum lied to me.

Tanya I would love to hear your view on this.

Many Thanks. Maureen

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Oct 30, 2010
Dreamt Of A Guardian Angel
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Maureen,

Normally, I do not do dream interpretations as they take much longer for me to do. I would appreciate a donation for dreams which you can do by clicking on the donation button near the bottom of online counseling.

Here's my interpretation of your dream:

First of all your pregnancy was true, but not the birth of a baby in a literal sense, (remember everything in dreams is symbolic) but in your re-birth. As you ascend, you are birthing different aspects of yourself. I have gone through this many times and it does feel as if you are pregnant, and times the birthing process can be quite painful.

For one thing, you have a new project on the horizon which will have 3 different related parts where your ex will be involved. Hence the number 3 with 3 different babies.

Saint Anna who is the Virgin Mary's mother is your guide. If you consider your guides your guardian angels, then so is Saint Anna.

The pendulum did not lie to you. Pendulums never lie. Sometimes the meaning can be tricky. The answers to questions you ask the pendulum come from the spiritual realm or your higher self.

Sending you blessings,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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