Drugs And Not All Good Voices...

I thought I was having a spiritual journey...

But I had not all good voices in my head, getting me into trouble because I was talking to them out loud, and was even arrested. They said they were my spirit guides at times, and also other humans communicating telepathically at times. They were mentally abusive and I was even recieving physical pain from them at times. I prayed and prayed every day but it didn't help.

Under the care of a psychiatrist I started taking an anti-psychotic and the voices were gone in a week. I was able to get off the drugs in a month and the voices didn't come back.

After having this happen to me twice, I've stopped using recreational drugs and alcohol, and the voices haven't returned in 9 years!

I'm still very spiritual and have learned a lot from my experience but I'm going to do the spiritual work and stay grounded so that if I ever do open myself up to voices and other realms, it won't be with drugs and hopefully it will only be voices of light and love.

Just remember that if the voices aren't nice, don't pay attention to them and don't believe them...

I wish the best for all of you and send my blessings and love!

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