E-Counseling Is Online Therapy

E-counseling is fast, easily accessible, cost effective, and time efficient. Here are a few advantages:

  • you have access to a professional counselor from your own home, office or wherever is suitable for you by e-mail
  • It is convenient if you travel extensively or unable to see a counselor face-to-face.
  • It is also accessible for those with physical disabilities and those who do not live near specialized counseling services.

What e-counseling is not:

  • It is not intensive psychotherapy
  • It is not suitable for diagnosing or treating psychiatric illness.
  • It is not an effective means of responding to crises such as: suicidal feelings, homicidal feelings, abuse, trauma, or acute psychiatric symptoms.

If you are feeling suicidal, you need immediate support. In the USA you can call the National Suicide Hotline at: 1-800-784-2433. Anyone with a mental health crisis can contact the Good Samaritans and receive free help.

How Online Counseling via E-mail Helps

Writing about your dilemmas and issues will help bring

  • clarity to your thinking, and it
  • will help you therapeutically. Writing allows the
  • expression of feelings and ideas without censure. It also helps to
  • make your problems more tangible and concrete as they become visible in print.
  • thinking and writing allows you to discover the problems you are facing.

What to Expect from Online Counseling:

My responses to your emails includes feedback through comments and questions which will help you to explore your problems more fully. They will also helps to promote self-awareness, self-reflection and potential solutions.

My questions and comments are designed to help you to express yourself, to look at factors that perpetuated the problem, to help you realize how the problem(s) became overwhelming, to help you to understand and to cope with issues, and to help you to build on your strengths. The exercises I recommend will help you to release negative thinking and behavioral patterns.

Why Choose E-Counseling?

Life's problems can interfere with relationships, happiness, home and work life, your mental and physical health and a sense of inner peace. Problems can overwhelm you to the point of feeling stuck, powerless, distressed, angry, sad, anxious, tense, or helpless.

E-Counseling is suited to those who are:

  • seeking personal growth, change or improved emotional well-being

  • needing guidance with life transitions, mid-life crises, career changes or loneliness

  • facing difficult decisions or adjustments

  • desiring bereavement support with grief and loss such as death, pregnancy losses of miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, and other losses such as separation or divorce, disability, fertility, special relationship, job
  • adapting to major family change after separation or divorce or family moves

  • managing stress of work or other life pressures and demands

  • wanting to improve marital or couple relationships, or family communication within your nuclear, blended or extended family

  • working through issues with your parents, extended family members, siblings or partner's family

  • surviving your illness, health crisis or living with a chronic health condition, a friend's or family's illness

  • coping with distress through weight or food issues on the continuum from anorexia, bulimia, or obesity through to eating disturbances, picky or fussy eating
  • trying to deal with the overwhelming feelings due to multiple pressures or challenges in life

  • experiencing extra-sensory perceptions such as hearing, feeling, seeing or sensing spirits

  • physically disabled without access to a counselor

The Benefits Of E-Counseling

E-counseling may help you to

  • clarify and articulate your concerns so you can begin to deal with the problems and issues in your life. It may assist you to
  • regain a feeling of personal empowerment to
  • trust your decisions, to
  • explore potential solutions to problems, and to
  • reflect on future possibilities.

You will feel supported, listened to, and be able to realize your own strength and resources which will promote a sense of well-being.

The strength of e-counseling is that it is written, and this will appeal to some people while not others. Using the written word to express yourself can overcome obstacles for those who cannot express themselves in face-to-face encounters, and also to those who live with speech limitations or hearing impairment.

The Importance Of Writing

Writing About Your Thoughts and Emotions

This method of e-counseling requires that you are reasonably comfortable with reading and writing.

Those who are perfectionists may find that writing down thoughts, ideas and feelings takes an inordinate amount of time because they worry about finding the right words or constructing sentences perfectly.

Grammar and spelling are not essential.

It is important to be able to communicate the essence of your experience and needs. The method of counseling you choose to engage in (telephone or e-mail) needs to fit with your personality, comfort level and strengths.

I advise you to keep copies of the e-mails you send as well as those you receive. Often times people have a hard time recalling what actually was said in face-to-face therapy sessions, especially when emotions are intense.

E-mail therapy sessions provide you with a permanent record of all the written interactions between you and the counselor. Plus, in time you will see a change in your written responses.

This can lead to writing in your own journal. Writing about problems and feelings in journals is a great therapeutic tool. You may also keep additional notes for your own recollection and reflection.

I wrote a book called, "That Damn Voice, Communication From Beyond" which was taken from notes about my emotions and experiences while grieving the loss of my loved ones in my spiritual journal.

More Benefits Of E-Counseling

With e-counseling, you can take as much time as you need to compose your email and to rework ideas. You are not restricted to time-limited face-to-face sessions to explain the difficulties you are facing.

In e-mail counseling, you have the opportunity to compose your e-mail, to save it and to review it before sending. You may find this process helpful for self-reflection.

E-mail communication 

  • takes away any barriers of face-to-face awkwardness that might arise if you need to describe sensitive or emotional feelings.
  • gives you a sense of anonymity.
  • allows you to say things that you would not feel comfortable saying to someone face to face.

It is one alternative and is not a replacement for traditional face-to-face psychotherapy.

You may need to read all the information I have provided on my website before deciding if online counseling (by telephone or e-mail) is appropriate for you.

If you are ready for 30 minutes of e-counseling, the cost is $35.00.

The e-mail session contains:

  • 1. My e-mail asking for more detailed information about your situation.
  • 2. You send the additional information.
  • 3. I send you my reply with solutions to your situation plus any exercises for you to do.
  • 4. You send your response to the counseling email with your thoughts, feelings, and comments, as well as the results of any exercises I may suggest.
  • 5. I send you a concluding e-mail

Once you have paid, contact me

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