Recognition Of These
Early Symptoms of Autism

Before I present the early symptoms of autism, it is important to know the meaning of autism. I decided to write about this topic since I'm meeting more and more parents whose children have autism, and are upset by the drugs doctors are prescribing for their children.

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What does autism mean? It is basically a general term for disorders in the brain which start very early in children before the age of three. In America there are  1.5 million with autism which is increasing at an alarming rate. It affects one in 68 children and is more common in boys showing a ratio of 1 out of 42 and 1 out of 189 in girls.

Here are the Early Symptoms of Autism

A general autism symptom is lack of communication which is loss of speech, babbling or social skills at any age.

It affects their intellectual and physical abilities, motor coordination, and attention span.

These are early symptoms of autism in toddlers:

  • no smiles or joyful expressions by 6 months
  • no word sounds by 16 months
  • no 2-word phrases by 24 months (not including repeating)

If these expressions of communications are lacking, there's a possibility that the child has autism, and needs to be examined for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Most children with autism also exhibit:

  • repetitive activities
  • extreme resistance to daily activities
  • unusual responses to the feeling of touch
  • an inability to interact with their environment

If the child is diagnosed early, he or she can get into an intervention program and receive therapy for helping them to talk, walk and interact with others which will make it easier for them in a school setting.

In a therapeutic setting a child with severe communication difficulties can learn sign language and how to work with visual aids to help them communicate.

Most doctors will say that there is no cure for autism, but here is an example of a young man who was diagnosed with autism before he was 3 years of age and went on to have a normal life.

Andrew Duff, 24, of New York City, says he benefited from an early intervention program consisting of therapy designed to help him learn to walk, talk and interact with others. The early therapy worked, and by fifth grade, Duff no longer needed assistance in school nor was he required to be in a special education class.‚Äč

He said he regressed when he went off to college, but working with a therapist helped him get back on track. He said,

"I started to regress because I was living on my own. Being in a new place, everything was different and my social skills took a hit. It became hard for me to maintain eye contact. It took me a year to get back to where I was."

You can read about Duff's case at Health US News.

Adults With High Functioning Autism Symptoms

Children and adults with high functioning autism systems usually have normal or above normal intelligence and near normal language development and their symptoms are less severe. They have Asperger Syndrome which is also called pervasive developmental disorder or PDD.

These children and adults also have:

  • delay in motor skills, so appear clumsy
  • lack of social skills
  • lack of humor and abstract use of language (only used literally)
  • have limited interests but can have an obsessive interest in a specific area and be very talented 
  • difficulty making friends
  • lack eye contact
  • have unusual rituals

Since autism is defined as a development disorder that causes difficulties with communicative, social and behavioral skills there is a wide spectrum of autistic behavior from total lack of communication to  high functioning autism symptoms. Some people with autism can function independently and live normal lives while others require partial or full assistance with daily tasks.

Even though doctors say there is no cure for autism, I believe in the power of herbal remedies that cleanse and heal the brain and will help those suffering from this disorder.

You can find information about these herbal remedies from Pure Herbs  at  autism cures.

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