Eating Raw Potato Cure
For Stomach Problems

Raw PotatosEat Raw Potatoes for Stomach Problems

Eating raw potato and drinking raw potato juice every day for several months is good for stomach and intestinal problems.

Note: Remember to buy organic potatoes.

Here's What Happened to Me

When I had severe stomach problems in the 80’s, my homeopath recommended a raw potato cure - eating potato or drinking raw potato juice. He also recommended drinking olive oil and Chamomile Tea.

These combinations cured whatever pains I was having in my stomach, intestines and gall bladder.

Antidote for Digestive System Disorders

Since my homeopath believed that I had gastritis, he recommended that I drink raw potato juice to relieve my stomach and intestinal pain - a whole or half a glass an hour before meals.

Potato starch is used as an anti-inflammatory for gastronomic-intestinal diseases and toxins.

Apparently, the juice of pink potatoes is excellent for treating stomach ulcers.

I was using the juice of the raw potato for my excess stomach acidity without realizing that it is also excellent for

  • relieving the pain from ulcers and
  • inflammation caused by arthritis.

When you use grated raw potato as a poultice, add ginger to stimulate the action of the potato.

When I was a child, my mother used to use a potato poultice on my sprains and bruises which I had plenty of since I was a tomboy and was always falling out of trees. She would also use the poultice for burns.

Today, I even use freshly grated potato for burns that I get from my wood stove.

As an aside, and she would not like me mentioning this, she also used potatoes to make her special “kickapoo juice” once a year.

Curative Properties of Potatoes

Besides being extremely nutritious supplying fiber, B vitamins, minerals, and vitamin C - the peels are high in potassium - potatoes are considered one of the most alkaline foods.

So, it is a natural antidote for an acidic condition in the intestines. It dissolves uric acid and lime. It also prevents the fermentation process in intestine and helps the growth of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract.

Raw Potato Juice is also Good for Rheumatism

Raw potato juice is also regarded as an excellent food remedy for rheumatism. One or two teaspoonful of the juice pressed out of mashed raw potato should be taken before meals. This will help eliminate an acid condition which is one of the causes of rheumatism.

The skin of the potato is also an excellent food remedy for rheumatism. The skin is exceptionally rich in vital mineral salts. You drink the water in which the peelings have been boiled as it is one of the best medicines for the ailments caused by excess of acid in the system.

Potatoes are also good for healing:

  • infections
  • tumors
  • warts

Before boiling, the potato peelings should be thoroughly washed and only boiled for few minutes. Then strain the potato water and drink one full glass three or four times daily.

The Healing Properties of Eating Raw Potatoes

In conclusion, here are some interesting facts from eating raw potatoes.
  • you can use baked potato pulp externally to help relieve tennis elbow and other inner joint pains.

  • it has the ability to cure impotence,

  • they can also be used to regulate your blood pressure which in turn is good for your heart.

  • this is an interesting point that I learned – boiled potato skins is said to be useful for inflammation of the prostate. You apply the boiled peel as a poultice to the affected area.

  • eating raw potato prevents premature aging and heart disease if you eat them daily. I learned this particular information from my elder sister Sunni who has since died.

  • they can help to prevent constipation and ease the inflammation caused by irritable bowel syndrome.
An exclusive potato diet is recommended in the treatment of certain disorders such as chronic constipation, intestinal toxemia, and uric acid diseases.

Read about herbal remedies for common digestive problems.

Note: Most diseases start and flourish in an acidic body, especially cancer.

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