Become Familiar with These Emotional Abuse Signs

Emotional Abuse SignsAbuse Signs In child

I would firstly like to write about emotional abuse signs in children, especially since I know first hand about these symptoms.

Warning Emotional Abuse Signs In Children

  • Excessively sad or unhappy
  • Unable to express emotions verbally
  • Withdrawn, not taking part in children's games, 
  • Fearful, or anxious,  about doing something wrong
  • Depression

  • Shows extremes in behavior (extremely compliant or passive, or extremely demanding or aggressive) 
  • Child may not seem to be attached to the parent or caregiver
  • Acts inappropriately like an adult by taking care of other children or inappropriately infantile  behavior such as rocking, thumb-sucking, displaying tantrums

Emotional child abuse can lead to other forms of abuse and toxic behaviors when the child is an adult. More information at emotional child abuse.

   Controlling Parents Cause
Emotional Abuse Signs

Most adults do not know they are abusive to their children as they are usually repeating what their parents did to them. Even though they may say,

I’m not like my mother, or father.

They often forget what they (the parents) felt like as children. Under duress, they mimic their own parents’ behavior. And this behavior keeps repeating itself down through the generations.

In my family my grandmother abused my grandfather, so I was told by my mother, which led to his excessive drinking pattern.

My mother abused my father and her children with her controlling behavior and excessive emotional outbursts, along with manipulation and withholding of love and affection. My older sister was abusive in her relationships without realizing it and attracted men who abused her.

Emotional abuse signs can occur when the child is conditioned by controlling parents or caregivers who do not respect their children as little people. They do not let their children express their emotions or feelings, nor do they let them speak their mind. Also, they do not offer any kinds of explanations to their children's inquiring minds.

Controlling parents just want their children to behave - to be seen and not heard.

Punishment from controlling parents is usually over the top, meaning extreme. I remember times as a child when I received punishment from my mother - it caused such enormous fear within me that I was often sick with vomiting spells.

My mother had a severe temper and when she let loose, you didn’t want to be in the same county. I would literally shake when she lost her temper. Then I would fantasize that I were on a cloud floating high in the heavens.

I forgot most of the situations that made her angry and the punishment that came afterward. These are things children don’t want to remember and then their emotions become blocked.


Victim Behavior Is One of the Emotional Abuse Signs

What happens later on in life without realizing it is that the child who was emotionally abused is still carrying the abusive situation along with their blocked emotions in their cellular memory which then vibrates out into their energy fields.

Many encounters between men and women other than verbal and physical communication is on a subversive level. In the case of abuse, the victim and the abuser are not conscious of the vibrations that are going back and forth between them. On the subconscious level, it’s something like,

Hi, I’m an abuser.

Oh, hello, I’m a victim.

Okay so let’s get together.

Of course that is not what is said, but that is what is implied in their energy field. They are attracted to each other, but in a negative manner.

No one really likes being abused, but if that is all you are accustomed to, that is all you know. It is a pattern of behavior that you are not consciously aware of, and so are still behaving as one who is abused through your vibrations.

The abusive patterns of behavior will continue until the abuser or victim realizes it, and will only be released when the behavior is acknowledged and when the abuser or victim is ready to release it.

More Behavioral Patterns Resulting from
Emotional Abuse signs

Childhood abuse can lead to unhealthy and unhappy relationships.

What you have experienced as a child is all you know, the experience gets locked within your cellular memory. Even though the family situation was abusive and uncomfortable, you can fall into a similar situation because it is familiar.

You may be attracted to man who resembles your father, or a woman who resembles your mother, behavior and all.

  • You may exhibit social anxiety (one of my problems) because of being told your emotions, ideas and thoughts are not important, and constantly told to, "Shut Up"
  • Experience depression because you were not allowed to express your feelings and had to push them down into your body causing many illnesses, and physical problems as an adult
  • Have anger problems due to inability to express the anger you felt as a child, and may be copying adult behavior you learned in the home as a child
  • Lack of self confidence and low self esteem because you were not good enough, you didn't get perfect marks at school, you were always being compared to another sibling who was smarter, or more athletic. you were labelled "stupid" or "dumb"
  • Addiction problems - could be substance abuse, drugs, alcohol, and food issues, gambling, sexual promiscuity, shopaholic, internet addiction and so on

All of these behaviors are caused by unexpressed and deep emotions that are locked in the sub-conscious layer of your being and which eventually surface as toxic behaviors, body pain and or illnesses.

There is help for these problems.

Help for These Issues

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As a counselor I have worked with people suffering from emotional and toxic behavioral patterns, you can contact me for a healing session.

Since I have worked with herbs and taken them for most of my life, I will also recommend healing herbal remedies to help with physical and emotional issues. Read testimonials concerning Pure Herbs

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