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Rabin and Sampurana

Rabin and Sampurana

Dearest Tanya,

As I am writing to you, my throat chakra is very active. It feels like something is trying to communicate through me as the energy is flowing from my stomach.

I have lost my beloved sister who was 57 years old and whom I was close to, a month ago. I touched her necklace on my niece and my kundalini awakened and energy flowed through my chakras to my head and I felt her love flowing through me that I cried with I experienced in deep meditation (I do tantra yoga and meditation).

I am a vegan believing in AHIMSA and dedicated to serving humanity.

I was told that I came from another planet far away and lived many lifetimes and my progress developed rapidly through meditation in my previous life - (samsara).

I was also told that I will help abused children, with the help of my sister from the spiritual world by offering informal counseling (as I am not qualified) to people who will come to me for help since I will be able to do spiritual healing because of the channels I opened due to my sensitivity to the energies.

What I would like to know is if I can cope with both tantra yoga and meditation for my own connection to god and help others through my connection with the spiritual world.

My legacy is to devote the rest of my life to healing others and service to humanity.

Thank you for listening to me.

God Bless

Rabin - Melbourne Australia

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Sep 12, 2014
Sensitivity to Energy In Body
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

To Anonymous,

Thank you for your submission, but please do not send messages signed anonymously. Use a name or a nick name.

Sending light and love,

Sep 09, 2014
Sensitivity to Energy In Body
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with Tanya, I am a Social Worker with degrees however, most of my work I do is on a humanitarian way with people using my spirituality.

I always believe there are no coincidences and there are so many times, I come across to people who needed someone just to listen to them. My degrees help me pay my little bills,
but my spirituality is always just the blessing on top of everything.

Also, strangely people will find you and you can be a ray of sunshine to their lives each day.

Each morning when I drive to work I ask Father God to "allow me to be an extension of his love, compassion and to use me as a tool to do something kind for others" and with that genuine asking it seems I always have the energy not just to do that, but to go above and beyond my own self.

God, my senior partner, always helps me, to help others, from finding transportation, a place to live for others, whatever it just seems to work out. The Universe always supports you, and your genuine desires for they are also to help humanity.

Follow your heart, you will never regret it.

Second Part

I heard the ringing in my one ear usually and it was pleasant nothing bothersome, and that lasted for about 1 year or a bit more.

Sensitivity is maybe a part of this awakening process, it felt like it for me. If nothing else it felt really cool and interesting to my senses.

Maybe this sensitivity is the way your body is adjusting, just a thought...


Sep 06, 2014
Energy in Body
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Rabin,

Absolutely, it is because of your meditation that you have advanced and have received gifts that are necessary to help others.

You need to continue your meditations and you will find a way to do so. Just ask for help and will be given what you need.

Having degrees doesn't necessarily make you a counselor. I have them, but the most intensive training I have received is through my meditation and spiritual daily cleansing. And the type of help I give has nothing to do with my degrees, but through my spiritual gifts.

Sending light and love,

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