Existential Therapy Treatment
Helps Your Body Heal

Existential Therapy Treatment

My existential therapy treatment has developed from my life experiences – both emotional and spiritual, in addition to my academic and working experiences.

While taking psychological courses, I also studied existential philosophy. I was greatly influenced by Jean Paul Sartre, Albert Camus who wrote L'etranger - translated "The Stranger", Heidegger and most importantly Kierkegaard, the founder of existential philosophy.

Kierkegaard believed that each individual is solely responsible for giving meaning to their own life and living it passionately and sincerely.

As Norman Vincent Peale said, "Change your thoughts and you change your world."

As also explained in Wikipedia: Human beings, through their own consciousness, create their own values and determine a meaning to their life.

The basis of existentialism means that everyone has:

  • the freedom to choose how they are going to be in life,
  • the possibilities to face the anxieties of life head-on and
  • to embrace the human condition of being alone,
  • to revel in the freedom to choose and
  • to take full responsibility for their choices.

You can take control of your life and go in whatever direction you choose. You do not need to feel that life is meaningless, but you can choose a new meaning for your life through building, loving, and creating life as your own adventure. You can accept your mortality and overcome fear of death.

I have continued learning about existentialism which forms the roots of my existential therapy treatment. It also comes from my communication in the spiritual realm with the Higher Power, the archangels and my spiritual guides.

I offer:

  • cellular memory release
  • long distance Reiki, if necessary
  • professional online counseling
  • past life regression
  • natural healing with herbs,

Reiki Therapy

Long Distance Healing

In distant healing, universal energy flows through me to the client, I see distinct images of experiences which are causing pain and discomfort through emotional blockages in the client’s cellular memory.

These experiences are in the present and triggered by a past life time which are recorded in the client’s cellular memory.

It is the negative emotions associated with the memory which are causing pain in the physical body.

Once the memory is brought to consciousness, I help the client release all the emotions that are causing pain in the body. Relief comes in seconds as the client breathes deeply through the process.

Cellular Memory

Everything that we experience in all our lifetimes is stored in our cellular memory, and if we have not released the intense negative emotions such as pain, suffering, guilt and sorrow from negative situations and experiences, they remain within us causing physical pain.

Some of the experiences from past life situations that are blocked in the cellular memory could be caused by:

  • a painful or traumatic death experience in battle, a violent relationship or a horrific accident, put to death for political or religious beliefs
  • an abusive relationship with a spouse or parent
  • a painful birth for women

and the emotions could be triggered by a situation or a person from this life time, but whom you also knew in a past life time. These blocked emotions are causing your distress now in your daily life.

Emotions could also be triggered while reading a particular book or watching a drama on television. You may start to cry suddenly or become very angry and wonder why you are experiencing such intense emotion.

Your cellular memory is triggered by something that you are experiencing today which resonates with a situation you experienced from a past life time.

Note: Right now during earth's ascension, everyone is feeling symptoms in their body causing pain. Your cellular memory is also being triggered by Star Surges. The stars have memories of history that has happened on earth and could also trigger your cellular memory.

Find out about ascension symptoms and read ascension health, (links in the 3rd column) and star storms.

There could be many layers of these negative emotions that are locked in our cellular memory, so my existential therapy treatment can be likened to 'pealing an onion' layer by layer.

Instantaneous Healing Through
Existential Therapy Treatment

This existential therapy treatment is miraculous in that healing comes instantaneously. All it takes is the client’s belief in Universal Healing which comes from Source – God.

I am merely an instrument in God's hands offering guidance and support to help clients heal themselves. Once you release blocked, negative emotions, you are free to make decisions and choices based on your present life situation.

If you would like to find out more information about me, read spiritual medium.

I often use past life regression during a treatment if the client is willing. To find out more about past lives, read remembering past lives.

If you would like to speak with me, contact me and I will respond within 72 hours.

Shambhala Publications' philosophy is an expression of their belief that there's an enlightened way of approaching every aspect of our lives. Check out their life-changing books and CD's.

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