Fear - Part 2 - Death/Loved Ones

by Shay

Father God, how about fear of death?

"Fear of death should never exist among any of my beings there. For there is no death. Your Spirit is fully awake and it shall always be awake because your bodies age but your spirit only becomes more mature and awakened. When you fear death, your fear is irrational, belief that is once again created by people there, in order to create fear among people to serve them to make them more easily controllable. When you fear death, it is a profound experience, because this fear will stop you from living your life to fullest."

So, what do you suggest?

"Let no child of mine have fear about death. For fear of death serves no purpose to your being. We will all age in our bodies on earth, but you will never be dead , as you think. I don't like to use the word dead, because there is no death. It is only a transition where your Spirit is once again available to come home to be with us. Let me remind you also, that death as you say is there to make you realize that we are there for a purpose. Your purpose on earth is to learn, learn to be familiar with your Spirit and your natural guidance of your spirit. Death is only a human term, for it is not real."

Father God, when someone dies, us as human beings we experience so much emotion on this earth. When someone is not with us here, and our human eyes don't see them..we feel such profound sadness.

"Yes, I understand this. But, your minds have to understand that no one dies. They are still well, living and they can hear you and they can see you and they can be of guiding help to you"

So, when people die and pass over Father God, they can still hear us?

"Yes, they can. Our Spirits can trespass through any layers of human emotions and feelings. For this reason, when you miss someone who was there with you, you are capable of corresponding with them. They are on a different level of energy than you are for this reason you may not be able to follow their advice, but have no fear that they don't hear or see you."

So, our loved ones on the other side will always hear us when we call their name or talk to them?

"Yes, they can. I promise you that this is very real and that they are constantly always with you. For this reason instead of grieving for so long, use this grief for positive purposes to do greater things on Earth. Let their Spirits guide you and be as great as they are."

I know that I am speaking with you. But, many people don't tap into this knowledge of being and able to hear and speak with spirits..

"Yes, they can all do this, but they don't all want to do this. Because, they are afraid of who they are and what their Spirit is designed to be."

How can a person work on it, so they can communicate...I mean a person, who has no knowledge of being able to communicate with spirits, how can they on on about furthering themselves Father God?

"First thing you can do is to acknowledge that Spirit communication is real and that it is possible. For when your mind accepts this, than it will open other doors for you to become more fully energetic to hear our advices and love"

And then?

"and than you can use the process of meditation to control your own thoughts, for your thoughts are what is holding you back from what is real and what is real is that our Spirits are forever, and it is eternal and they can be used for communicating with our loved ones who are not in human form."

Do many Spirits on your side want to communicate with their loved ones here?

"Yes, many of them want to communicate with their loved ones. But, due to the mind set of their loved ones they are unable to do this. For this reason, you and people like you who are open to spirit communication can acknowledge this help them to open their minds and spirits to awaken to levels, so they can realize and communicate with their loved ones."

Talking with you is very real to me. But, I know many people will doubt me and others like me about this matter.

"Yes, there will always be doubt. Because when people don't want to experience something, they don't want to believe something, they doubt for this reason."

Father God, sometimes people have phobias, they are scared of certain things or places, etc...

"Yes, I am aware of these type of issues but once again, these are irrational fears that serve no purpose to your being. These type of fears are created from your human mind on earth."

Father God, is it possible that some of these type of fears are from our past lives on this earth?

"Yes, this is possible. Sometimes when a Spirit has experienced certain elements of life that provoked a great emotion from them, they may carry a fear that is left over, like residue, from other lives. But, these can be worked on also."

Why would our Spirits have left over residue from other lives?

"You are the one experiencing your own lives, for this reason some things resonate within your Spirit that may become uncomfortable. For example if a person may have been shot in another life, I made it so you will not have memories of other lives, so it doesn't effect you. But, let me also remind you that, you have free will-sometimes this free will, will be very strong and for this reason your free will is going to recount these events to you as a spiritual lesson/level. For this reason people will have fears of being shot or killed by others, and other fears that you may not be aware of where they are coming from. But you can work on these fears, by exposure to such things. You have to expose your body and mind so this will become not a point of fear, but a point of allowing your thoughts to be there-but not to create fear within you."

So, we can work on our fears. For example, a person who may be fearful of death, can they say to themselves over and over, "there is no death"?

"Yes, this is absolutely true. You have to convince your own mind about death, that there is no death. When you "die" as you say on Earth, you are liberated and free. Now, your Spirit is free to be."

Father God, I just got this thought in my mind of a cage and a bird.

"The example I give your mind is a cage with a bird within it. You are the bird that can soar through heavens. Your cage will be empty but your bird will be free to be."

Talking with you today, I realize that here on Earth we have so much fears. We even have alarms on our houses, and live in Gated communities, we carry guns...there is so much, I cannot tell you...

"Yes, these are all things created by mankind in order to assimilate your spirits to living with fear. Fear does serve a purpose for your Earth there, for this reason they are accumulating so many fears in order for you to be afraid of life. When you are afraid of life, you tend to separate yourself from others, you tend to isolate yourself from others and you tend to live in a make believe prison of yourselves."

So, our thoughts of fear can also attract things to ourselves?

"Yes, this is true, because the mind and thoughts were designed so when you think of good things , good things shall come to you. And when you think of negative things, they also tend to come to you because of your own thoughts on fears."

So, our thoughts attract things to ourselves?

"Yes, your thoughts are attracting all things to you. Your thoughts are the enabling factor that allows fear to exist in your body and mind. Your Spirit has no fear, for your spirit knows better than you do. But your human mind will have fears, but these fears are not real, for your existence."

Father God how can we conclude on this?

"Let me conclude by saying that you are to have no fear within your bodies and minds about anything, but that is observable in front of your eyes. When you are in a situation of danger, your fear will enable you to run from that situation, but your fear should not hold you as a hostage to that situation. You are to work on having no fears, because fear is not rational my child. When you fear, you will not experience love, for love cannot be found in the same thought system as fear. Fear is there to serve a purpose and if it has no purpose, then you are to have no fear. Fear of something that may occur in the future is usually not a real fear."

So, can we say that Fear should always be in the Present?

"Yes, what you fear should be in front of your eyes, not in your mind. Let me repeat that again, what you fear should be in front of your eyes, not in your mind. For that is created by the mind to give you an illusion of what is not real and it is therefore imaginary."

Thank you.

"I like to conclude this session with a prayer for you and to all those people who have fear that is dominating their lives, allow me to say this prayer of blessings, blessing you.

"Let the love within my Spirit guide you so there can be no fear that is to be found in your bodies, minds, souls and on Earth. Let the fears of the world be off your shoulders and let these fears float away from your being. Let me bless you today, for I have no fear of you and you should have no fear of anything. Love is a fearless act and I created you with love only. Let my Great Spirit take away your fears that are holding you back from your lives."

Thank you Father God, thank you for blessing us today with your prayer and your wisdom. I love you.

"I love you also. Let my Virtue be of your Guidance."

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Fear - Part 2
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Thank you Shay.

How your conversations with God remind of the ones I used to have.

Sending light and love,

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