Fear - Rational and Irrational Explained by God, Part One

by Shay

Father God's Explanation of Fear

(Father God's wisdom is in quotes)
"Fear is an irrational set of beliefs that come to you according to your own knowledge of what you have absorbed on Earth. When you fear, that something you are afraid of is something else. But the true cause of fear is not a rational thought because there is nothing on Earth for you to fear. Fear is provoked by a sense of insecurity within your body. You don't have to fear anything that is created by mankind on Earth.

What fear serves is this: Fear is an emotion given to you to protect you from those elements that can be harmful to you. But, you tend to fear many more things than you should.

Fear is designed to protect you from those sources that can hurt or harm you-not to stagnate your growth. Many times people have fears that are not rational, they fear illness', they fear each other, they fear elements that have nothing to do with them. They fear because they are insecure. For this reason they seek salvation in fear, in order to survive. But, this fear is not going to serve a purpose because it is meant to serve a greater purpose than your usual things that are occurring in your lives.

Fear has 2 components:

It is to protect you in body and it is to protect you in Spirit. In body, it is to protect you so you cannot be harmed by others. For when you are attacked physically, they cannot hurt or harm your spirit, but they can harm your body.

Now, Fear also has a second factor, fear was meant to accompany you along with my love because fear is to protect your mind and well being. When you have fear within you, you should be able to realize if this is real fear or if this is something created by your mind on Earth.

For example...in a situation where a woman is afraid to leave an abusive man, this fear is genuine to them, but the fear they hold is also holding them back. She should have and experience the fear, so she is physically safe from an abusive person. But, there is nothing else to be feared about leaving a situation where your growth is not occurring due to your own irrational fears."

Father God, how would you define irrational fears?

"Irrational fears have no base to them, they are created by your own ego and mind to preserve yourself. But, there are no fears, for this reason when your mind is fearing something that is not there - it is only occupying your mind with certain things that are not true. When, as in the example I used, when a woman has fears about her own self, this is due to her own accomplishments of what she has done herself. She has nothing to fear, because no one and nothing on this earth can hurt her except another being physically. If and when a person is being hurt or harmed in a relationship, in a physical sense, than this fear has rational basis. But, otherwise, this fear has no value to you. Because it is your own mind that is reenacting issues that are not real."

So, you have given us Fears for rational reasons, to protect us from hurt or endangerment?

"Yes, I have given fear as a natural mechanism to protect you only."

Father God, let me give you an example of situations where we fear, for example...many people have fear of illness'?

"Yes, many people have fears of illness' because that is all they are focusing on. What you focus on is what your mind will attract to you. You are not to focus on negative events of your society and ways of being, because this will create fear within your body and soon after that these things will actually show up on your path, because your mind and body are attracting what you are thinking about."

Father God, in our societies today, in our televisions and news we get bombarded with advertisements and shows about fear of illness and symptoms, and they even recommend that we ask our doctors if we are experiencing them.

"Yes, they are using this as a tool to be more greedy and for this reason many people are acting on the suggestions they are making. But, many of these medications and illnesses have side effects to people's well being. For this reason, you must stay away from these negative messages that are polluting your minds and thoughts."

Father God, how about fear of illness?

"Fear of illness comes only because of experience, when you experience a situation, where a person has an illness, you right away think that you may also get the same illness. But, there is no reason for you to get any illness' on this earth if you choose not to."

How can we do that?

"Let me explain to you about the fear of illness. When I created the human mind and body, I didn't assign any illness' to them, they were all created by people who are trying to generate an income on Earth for their own well meaning. The illnesses that your body is susceptible to are the illnesses that will strengthen you.

For example, when you get a cold...the body's natural mechanism is to prepare itself and to fight those cells within the body that are weak and are causing the symptoms of the cold. This way your body will strengthen and adjust to foreign substances it is being introduced to. Your bodies were designed to fight off any and all illnesses on this earth. The illnesses that I created were created to make you stronger not weaker."

So, how did so many of these illness' come about Father God?

"The illnesses that you are thinking about, that you are aware of are all created by mankind for a reason. For example, the cancers that you have on this earth are there because of what the bodies are introduced to that are chemically and gas wise dangerous to your being. Your earth is allowing so many chemicals and gases to be exposed because it is not being cared for by the people there. For this reason, people are becoming ill from these unnatural sources of gases and exposure to different chemicals. Fear of illness should be there, but not be confused by illnesses that were created to strengthen you.

The illnesses that you are experiencing on earth are to be messages to the people of your world, to take better care of Planet earth, in order for it to be functioning the way it should be.

Let me tell you, people are polluting the air you are breathing, people are polluting the waters of the earth by dumping illegal substances into them, the water sources of your earth are polluted by chemicals that it should not have. For this reason, many illness' are created from that. But, you are unaware of the damage that is being done to the natural functioning of this earth and to your well being."

Yes, I understand.

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by: Shay

God Bless You Tanya, for hearing what you are hearing.

I am always in awe when I hear these sweet conversations of Love from our beloved Source, our Heavenly Father (or whatever you may choose to call him/her/it.) I am always so humbled and feel like falling in love when I am in meditation with Father God, and I am so proud to say, "We have an awesome, and an amazing God who loves us so unconditionally".

I am always so touched by the love that I feel, that the words are hard to explain in any one language. In sum, all I can say,

"We are so lucky and blessed". And one day when we all return to our home we will all know this first hand and in Spirit.

I thank you, and May God Bless You for having your website, so I can also submit some of these sweet messages, with wishes that it will touch someone's heart, and make someone's day all that more special knowing that we are the children or extensions of such amazing love source.

With my love to you,


Fear - Rational and Irrational Explained by G
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Thank you Shay.

As I was reading your submission, I could hear God's voice very clearly.

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