Felt All Along That No One Cares

by Dianna
(Urbana, Illinois)

I never forgot when I was 21 years old and pregnant with my autistic daughter. That's when everything started happen to me.

As I sat down at the playground when I was 6 months pregnant, I thought about my father, who was murdered in 1982,

I said, "Daddy I missed you. I wish you can see and hear me, I miss you so much. Give me a sign that I know that you are still around me."

It sounds crazy, but I heard something about thirty minutes later. I heard a voice that said look to your right behind the stop sign. So I did, and out of the blue I saw my daddy. I couldn't believe it. I was so happy that I ran in the house and told my mother who told me, "Don't ever do that again. Leave the dead alone, they will try to kill you and take you with them."

My mother was a pastor. I told her, "Okay".

But before I lay down in my bed that night, I called out to my father again. I said, "Daddy, if that was really you that I saw, give me another sign because everybody thinks I am lying and going crazy."

About 12.35 a.m. I'll never forget, I stay on the sixth floor and I always keep my window closed. But, on the ceiling was my father's foot print. I got so scared, I ran to the room where my mother was and jumped into her bed.

From my room all the way to my mother's room was the foot prints on the ceiling. Everybody was upset with me.

So the next day I sat down and had a long talk and apologized to my father. I heard a voice and it said, "Child don't be afraid, I am here." He also said, "Take your daughter to the hospital, something is wrong with your child."

So I waited, then I had a vision where I saw my daughter having a seizure. I told my mother. So I went to my doctor and I asked if my baby was okay. They told me, "Yes, nothing is wrong with your child, you have a healthy baby."

I told them that I had a vision and what I was seeing. They told me that I was Bipolar. And then they asked me how long have I been hearing and seeing people. I told them that I was not making it up. No one believed me.

My mother took a picture of the foot prints on the ceiling. Then they thought that me and my mother were both crazy. Anyway, in May of 1992, I gave birth to my daughter who was 7 pounds and 5 ounces and 21 inches long. She came out having seizure. Her stomach was bigger then her whole body. Before she was 8 months, she already had 3 surgeries. That's when they told me my daughter had Autism, was deaf in one ear, and couldn't talk.

But I thanked God for letting me hear my father telling me that something was wrong with my child. I was preparing myself ahead of time. Now I hear voices regularly.

My mother told me that we have a history of seeing spirits and hearing voices. She said she and her mother and her grandmother and great grandmother all had the gift. But she told me. to rebuke it every time they talk to me and show me things.

The only problem I really have is to be around certain people. It's just like by touching them and shaking their hand, I can feel a lot of negative energy and it drains me. I don't know if anybody else gets this. But I can't tell no one because they will think I am crazy.

I know what I see and hear, and it has really been a blessing for me. Now, if God gives me something to tell somebody, I do when I go back to my old neighborhood.

The woman who stays in my old apartment - I asked her if it's okay for me to come as I used to live here as a child. I was so thankful when she let me in her apartment. Twenty one years later, the foot prints are still there.

Now my daughter is 22. I have to watch her. I believe she also has the gift. I've seen my daughter walk up to a stranger and rub her stomach. I told her to forgive my child, that she has autism. The woman asked, "Why she rub my stomach?"

I asked the woman if she really wanted to know. and she said, "Yes, please."

I told her that my daughter said that she was pregnant and was going to have a boy. She told me that she was a little late (monthly) and she was planning to take a test when she got home. So when we got home a little late, the woman came to where me and my kids live and said she can't believe it. She decided to take the test and it came out positive. She was so happy because she said that she was trying to have a baby for a very long time and she wanted to give my daughter $20.00.

I told her, "No, just buy her a coke and she will be okay and will be blessed.

Has anybody gone through what I have been going through?

I also took a lot of pictures that have spirits on them.

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Jun 29, 2014
Believe in Yourself
by: Anonymous

You sound like a lovely person, who is sensitive, kind and loving. People around you sometimes won't be able to understand you or what you sense, but it is okay. After all, everyone has their own reality and everyone sees reality as what they experience.

Not only our loved ones, but truly God never leaves anyone alone...there are many loving and kind spirits around us who guide/help us. And when we ask sometimes we are able to see the signs they are trying to convey, the more we believe the more we see them.

Many blessings to you, be the loving person you are. May your days be full of color and love.

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