Find Out About Foods
That Cause Constipation

Read about foods that cause constipation if you have persistent decrease in frequency and ease of bowel movements. You may find that you are eating too many of certain foods listed below.

Each person has a different pattern of bowel movements so there is no right or wrong time, whether it is once a day, three times a day or once every two days.

Do you know what causes constipation?

Here Are Some Causes Of Constipation To Look At:

  • You have to look at your diet and what foods that cause constipation. Are you eating too many comfort foods that fat and refined sugars?
  • Do you have a sluggish thyroid?
  • Are you a habitual laxative user?
  • Do you have a reaction to medical prescriptions?

In examining what causes constipation, all of the above will cause irregularity in your bowel movements eventually leading to constipation.

A habitual use of laxatives leads to increases of dosages over time for the desired effect. Your intestines will eventually become unresponsive to the laxative and cease to become effective.

But, your diet could be the major culprit of your constipation problem.

Foods that Cause Constipation

foods-that-cause-constipationFoods Causing Constipation

Dairy Products - products made from milk such as cheese and ice cream. Eat fruit sherbert instead.

Chips - this is a high fat food that makes you feel full without the nutrition, eat reduced fat snack foods that contain whole grains and increase fiber.

Red Meat - unless you have a physically work intensive profession, you should only eat 2 servings of steak weekly with salads, and vegetables such as a baked potato.

Frozen Dinners - there is little nutritional value, is low in fiber, and high fat content plus too much sodium.

Cookies - plus cakes, pastries and some crackers are full of refined carbohydrates, has a high fat content, and is low in fiber and fluid, eat fresh fruit instead.

fried-foodsFried Foods Causing Constipation

Bananas - eat only when ripe which are high in soluble fiber, green bananas are constipating.

Fried Foods - such as french fries, doughnuts, onion rings, breaded foods such as fish. Deep fried foods are greasy and take a long time to digest which slows down your normal gastrointestinal movement.

Cultured Vegetables

Read foods that are good for you at foods that relieve constipation

To understand what may be causing constipation, you also have to examine the prescriptions you are taking and see if you are having a physical reaction.

Besides a constipation reaction from medication, it can also be caused by hormonal disturbances and thyroid disorders.

It is important to find what is causing your constipation and a cure. Read this section on some constipation cures . Otherwise, it can also lead to hemorrhoids caused by hard stool stretching the sphincter muscles.

After trying the cures that are mentioned in constipation cures without success, and you cannot find the reason for your constipation, I highly recommend that you make an appointment with your primary care physician to explain your problem. You can also ask to have your thyroid tested.

If you feel that you are not being helped, then request a referral to a gastroenterologist. Once you are there, ask to be checked for any other medical problems such as a blockage from a tumor or polyp.

NOTE: Do not let your constipation problem linger too long.

One final note, you could also have an emotional problem that may be causing a blockage in your digestive system and the movement of your bowels. Many people swallow their emotions leading to problems with their digestive organs.

If you feel that you may have an emotional problem, you can contact me for online counseling.

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