Why Gallbladder Cleansing
is so Important!

Eat Apples for Gallbladder CleansingApples for Gallbladder

The best natural food for gallbladder cleansing is apples.

I had gallbladder problems so I understand the physical feeling when you need to cleanse your gallbladder.

During one of my many conversations with God, he also advised me to write about my experiences with physical illnesses and my spiritual journey .

Symptoms Of Gallbladder Problems

Symptoms of gallbladder problems can happen over a period of years or start immediately, especially after a meal containing a high fat content. And if your problems are chronic, can easily escalate to gallbladder inflammation.

Here are some symptoms:

  •   you experience heartburn or trapped wind. The pain is usually in the stomach region, central and often can feels like it is just below your rib cage.
  • you may feel a severe pain on the right side of the rib cage which can move to different parts of your body such as your hands and shoulders, or even severe back ache at later stages.
  • your stool may change to a lighter color and is often followed with diarrhea and constipation.
  • other common symptoms such nausea, vomiting or gas which are often regarded as symptoms of general diseases, but could caused from gallbladder problems which can be dangerous at later stages, if not treated properly.

These symptoms are chronic in nature and usually occur when gallstones from the gallbladder get trapped inside the bile duct which can led to gallbladder inflammation. People suffering from gall bladder problems often complain about indigestion, and gas.

In worse conditions, the color of your skin and the whites of your eyes change to yellow.

The pain often increases after a meal with high fat content.

The pain may increase when you inhale deeply which leads to a gallstone attack lasting a few minutes, or hours.

N.B. If you present any serious symptoms you should consult your doctor immediately.

My Symptoms Leading to Gallbladder Cleansing

I had the following symptoms of gallbladder problems:

  • I was feeling tired, bloated, listless and just plain irritable, and I received a message that it was time to cleanse my gallbladder.
  • I also had pains in my right shoulder and neck which was a symptom of gallbladder congestion.

Functions Of The Gallbladder

  • it stores and concentrates bile,
  • it breaks down big fatty food particles and
  • helps in proper digestion.

Check out where the gallbladder is in the image below, and you will see why it is also important to cleanse your gallbladder.

Causes of Gallbladder Problems

Location of Your Gallbladder
  • Gallstones are more common in women than in men. This makes women more likely than men to develop cholecystitis.
  • The changing of hormones can often cause it. Pregnant women or people on hormone therapy are at greater risk.
  • The Cleveland Clinic states that the risk of developing this condition increases after age 40.
  • Hispanics and Native Americans have a higher risk of developing gallstones than other people.
  • People who are obese are also more likely to get this condition.
  • Rapid weight loss or weight gain can bring upon the disorder.
  • If you have diabetes, you are at risk.

In summary:

Gallbladder problems often start with obesity, heredity, improper and irregular diet habits and sometimes can be caused by a hormonal disorder or infections.

If you eat too many fatty foods especially those high can cause the bile to get backed up leading to gallstones and gallbladder problems which symptoms can be painful.

The basic and root cause of a typical gallbladder inflammation is a gallstone which is a harder mass, normally a solid crystalline substance consisting of substances like cholesterol, calcium, blood, bile etc.

As gallstones form in the gallbladder, they can travel into the small intestine and block the passage of food which remains improperly fragmented, giving rise to infection and pancreatitis.

For more information, go to Healthline.com.

 Weekend Gallbladder Cleansing

gallbladder cleansingJuicing with Apples

Here is a natural diet for gallbladder cleansing which is best to do it over the weekend followed by lots of rest and relaxation. This cleanse comes from Austria and involved drinking natural apple juice

  • On the first day of your cleanse, it is important to drink only apple juice and no food. Start with 8 oz. first thing in the morning and continue drinking 16 oz. of apple juice every 2 hours until around 6 pm.

If you have a juicer, make your own apple juice from organic apples. This is the best as it will not contain any chemicals. Do not eat any food.

  • On the second day: repeat this procedure. Again do not eat any food.  At bedtime, take 4 oz. of olive oil with either hot lemon or apple juice. The olive oil is important in order to move the old bile in your system. Be prepared during the night to run to the bathroom.

You may be surprised what comes out of your body. The acid from apple juice dissolves and liquefies all the stagnant bile that is blocking your gallbladder.

This diet is not only good for gallbladder cleansing but also helps your liver to function normally.

This diet is used all over Europe in health spas and hospitals, and Dr. Adolphus Hohensee has been using this diet on his students all over America.

This gallbladder cleansing diet only takes a weekend of your time and you will be thankful for following it.

After your cleanse, get creative and try juicing apples with other veggies.

Natural Herbal Combinations Works For Gallbladder Cleansing

There is also another method of cleansing your gallbladder which I use regularly (once a year).

It is an excellent liquid formula that cleans your gallbladder and your liver at the same time called L.G.-W made by Les Herbes Pures. This is a 100% pure herbal extract of

  • Burdock  is one of the best blood purifiers, it can reduce swelling around the joints and helps rid of calcium deposits, it helps to promote kidney functions and to help clear the blood of harmful acids. It also aids the pituitary gland in releasing an ample supply of protein to help adjust hormone balance in the body. Note: a poorly nourished pituitary gland is sometimes responsible for overweight problems.
  • Yellow Dock is an astringent and blood purifier, and treats diseases of the blood and chronic skin ailments. It is the best blood builder in the herb kingdom. It stimulates elimination, improves bile flow and acts as a laxative. It has a high iron content, and is rich in vitamins A and C, manganese and nickel. It nourishes the spleen and liver, and is used in treating jaundice, lymphatic problems and skin eruptions.
  • Calendula  used for skin problems such as tumors and cancers, is a blood cleanser, helps varicose veins, wounds, gums, frostbite, fistula, athlete's foot and skin pigmentation.
  • Turkey Rhubarb stimulates, cleanses and tones the digestive tract and intestines, and is used as a laxative without irritating the bowels, it is used for distended and bloated bowels, it keeps the bowel soft to prevent hemorrhoid irritation.

Since I believe in natural herbs for healing, I have been using Les Herbes Pures products for years and highly recommend them. 

One 120 ml bottle of L.G.-W sells for $45 US in the US, (or $50 Canadian) plus shipping.

If you are interested in ordering or learning more about this product, contact me.

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