God's Wisdom

by Mary Ann

Each and every spirit has their own unique way of hearing what we consider divine/creator/god..and each person's journey is very unique to them.

For this reason, we need to just be respectful of each person/spirit and try not to judge, even if we may not agree or see what they are experiencing. However, I do like to think that the messages/wisdom of God and other loving Spirits are always positive and/or lessons with greater meaning for the well being of people/earth.

It is important for people to care for themselves, meaning emotionally and to be in a good balanced mind, therefore, to avoid any negativity from our own inner selves to come across in our Spirit conversations.

Many times, people allow their own fears and darker ideas to come to the surface, and this is very energy draining to the human self.

Prayer has always been a peaceful and a loving reminder of our loving creator. My conversations with God are put in the public blog and I hope it will give all those who seek a comfort.

I like to welcome you to my blog and to my journey. www.fathergodandi.blogspot.com ...

Mary Ann

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