Have I Met My Twin Soul?

by Naomi
(Melbourne, NSW, Australia)

I just wanted to share my twin soul story.

I am pretty sure Rick is my twin soul. No one seems to understand and I try not to overanalyse, but things just don't make sense. We have experienced the painful spilt after meeting and now don't have contact at all. I believe I'm the stayer and he is the runner unfortunately.

This is how it started. I advertised on a musician's website to look for band members, and I received one response from this guy Rick who was looking for a singer. I was a singer. I phoned Rick and whilst speaking to him for the first time, before meeting, I felt I knew him and could easily chat.

We both seemed to have difficulties with bands in the past so we agreed to meet up. When I did meet him, he asked what my star sign was. I told him Aquarius (He is a Taurus). I agreed to be his singer after an audition so we organised days to practice in his apartment. We would practice, but interestingly I got to know him on a deeper level quite fast. He was asking questions about me and I was telling him things I haven't told many people at all. This was in the first meeting.

Funny thing is, I would only see Rick about twice or once a month, or speak to him on the phone a few times a month. We didn't see each other much, yet every meeting with him was incredible. We would laugh and have fun with the music. We would talk and talk, and I found out that his life and my life were quite similar.

We both have apartments, and come from well to do business oriented families. In 2008, we both were overseas doing music things and were in London around the same time. (About a month off). We are both attractive, have a similar cultural background, similar sense of humour, dress sense, and height/weight. I felt nervous because I was so attracted, yet comfortable at the same time. He loves music as much as I.

As time went on, I noticed some synchronized events. We'd arrive at the same place at the exact same time. There was a time when I thought he called me, I'd go to check my phone, and there was a missed call from him. When I told him I liked him, he denied his feelings. He also said he could read my mind. We were easily sure of each other's faults and strengths without really knowing each other for very long. We would try to help each other realize them.

Problems started when I revealed my feelings to Rick. His sisters actually told me they thought we had a connection. I know he lied about not liking me, but I pretended to believe his lies to keep some peace. I didn't want a broken friendship.

I did not see him for a period of 4 months and during that time we only spoke on the phone. We would speak for ages though. Speaking on the phone and not seeing each other helped because things had become a little weird after I admitted my feelings. Rick did send me a song via email that he wrote which had lyrics to kind of make me feel better. The lyrics were written in third person, so it's hard to tell whether he was speaking about his own feelings for me or a future boyfriend's feelings for me once I met him. I didn't know what to think. It seemed like a creative way to explain himself after he denied his feelings on the phone.

The last time I thought I would see Rick was 6 months ago. I invited him to a music performance and he came. When it was over, I ended up driving his car because he was quite drunk to drive, unknowing at the time that recognizing the car and number plate would assist me in the future.

We had a huge argument afterwards because I accused him of not being true to me. He argued that I "imagined the whole experience" and again stated he was not interested in me. He also said we should go our separate ways. He pretty much ran for the hills. I tried to apologize for my emotional state and take everything back, saying that we were friends all along and I was wrong to think of anything more. But he ignored my messages. He also deleted me off Facebook a few hours after the argument. I was so shocked and hurt. He totally changed from a kind, caring guy to an asshole.

Then, I was a wreck. I couldn't get out of bed for a week. I felt like I lost a good friend and my heart was in pieces. I was so shocked and felt strong emotions such as - depression, rage, sadness. I felt like he knew me better than anyone. I just kept thinking about him on and off. It did lessen, but I just didn't know what to do. He said we couldn't be friends, it was too complicated, he claimed. I just couldn't believe it.

Time passed and I saw him again 2 days ago after arguing with him 6 months ago.
I really didn't think I'd see him again. It was bizarre and I was stunned. I was driving to a cartooning job at a private house. As I was turning into the street, I saw Rick's number plate again. I could have just turned into the street and looked straight ahead because no one looks at car number plates first do they?

I freaked out. Then as I was driving past the car, I looked into the driver's window and saw his face looking at me briefly. I was so shocked I drove past and parked up the other end of the street, trying to find the house where I was supposed to do the job. I parked, got out, and was too scared to go down the road and see him. It was him, but I wasn't sure if he recognised me. I didn't have time to go see anyway because I had to get my things out of the car to start the job as I arrived just in time.

Once I finished the job 2 hours later, I walked to my car and saw that his car was still there. I looked closer and it was definitely his car. I have no idea why, but I felt like an idiot for not going up to him to say "hi" before, so I wrote "hey" on a piece of paper and lodged it in a gap in the driver's door and left. I regret doing it and then I don't.

I don't know if he read it and thought it was me who left the note. I do know that perhaps later on it would have registered with him that it was me who glanced at him, because not many women actually drive and slow down to peer into someone's window in a car he would likely recognise.

I just want some clarification. Is the second meeting a coincidence? Was it supposed to happen?

I'm positive he is my twin soul. I have not felt like this over anyone. I miss the friendship. I'm scared if I contact him he will push me away even further and they'll be no future chance. I have become so perceptive and my psychic abilities are becoming stronger after this experience.

Yesterday I saw twice the time "11:11" , first on my phone and then on my car clock. That has never happened to me! And I didn't consciously look at it either.

I am hoping one day he will contact me.

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Jun 07, 2011
Have I Met My Twin Soul?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Naomi,

Rick is not your twin soul, but I can understand why you think he is. You have had many past life times together, and in one life time you were twins. There was even a past life where you were sexually abused.

You are working through your karma with him in this life time. I advise you to work on your issues through him - how he made you feel such as any negative feelings or situations.

You may meet again, but it will only be to see where you are at and what you have released. See my technique for releasing.

The number 11 is a powerful master number. It draws upon cosmic forces for inspiration, enlightenment and cosmic consciousness. Pronounced intuition ability can guide your creative and inventive mind.

Use the hight vibrations wisely. True mastery is service and you need to be practical as well as realistic in the role you assume.

This was taken from the book "Numerology And The Divine Triangle" by Faith Javan and Dusty Bunker

If you want to find out more about your past life times with him, contact me for a session at
spiritual counseling.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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