He Is The One I Have Been Waiting For All My Life

by Anonymous
(South Australia)

After an unpleasant experience in my son's prior school, my husband and I decided to place our son in a school which came highly recommended by our neighbour. Thank-you, blessed neighbours!

I had lost my faith in the education system and was very delighted to recieve any information which would put my son in a caring institution. One which would foster his growth and development as an idividual to grow and learn in a positive, faithful and "down to his level' environment. One that was not so rigid and gun ho on the politics of religion.

Little did I know that God was going to place my twin flame right in my path. Before enrolling my son into this school, my husband and I decided to go to the formal introduction, which was conducted in the schools chapel. There he was in the chapel.

Immediately, I felt strongly connected to him in some magical intangible way. Honesty and integrity was his nature. It was very evident by his demeanour. A divine force was pulling me towards him. I said to myself: "he is the one that I have been searching for all my life!" ~ it also felt like I had known him from a past memory.

I noted that he looked similar to me. I have the sky blue eyes and he has the most attractive hazel eyes that gave me the impression that he was looking right into my very soul. Quick observations made me look at his hands. I could not believe that they looked like my hands. "Was he the masculine version of me?"

I kept wondering and looking at him like some kind of intriguing specimen under the microscope. Didn't want to look too hard, just in case my husband noticed. Our eyes were scanning each other from quite a distance. Was my other half also looking for any feature the might resemble his? Only God knows!

My heart cracked open and it was with this initial connection, that a divine osmosis of our spirits were meshing together. Little did I know what was going to take place once this divine connection had occured.

My husband and I decided to enrol our son at the school. It seemed like the right thing to do. My son was happy with our choice and so were we. Our son blossomed and came out of his shell, with ease and it felt like he was taken care of. He felt like he belonged and fitted in to the environment quite well.

Till this day I am grateful for this gorgeous man's support and impact. Everytime I connected with this gorgeous beautiful soul, I felt guilty about the feelings I felt towards him. It was a love more beyond lust. I loved this man like I have loved no other.

It sounds pretty quirky however, I would die for him knowing if his life was in some sort of danger. "How uncanny is that?" I felt so safe and protected in his presence and I could not understand why the pull was so strong.

Time passed by and I could no longer hold the feelings I had towards this majestic man. He looked 'God like' in so many ways. His elegant movements as he walked across the room reminded me of a swan gently gliding acroos a calm lake. Some angel from the heavens sent him down for me as my saviour. After so much pain and suffering ~ I will not touch on this subject, I truly believe that God had not finished with me and had a purpose for my life. "Did that loving God orchestrate all this so that I could reunite with my other half before I leave this planet?'

I was clueless. All I knew is that I loved him and that is all that really mattered. Time and time again, I would recieve a strong voice in my head telling me to take a risk and not to leave anything to chance. I had to tell him how I felt. When we connected again, I felt his strong energy pulling me towards him. Our eyes connected and it felt like time stood still. Deep inside my heart I knew this gorgeous man from somewhere in another place and time. I had fallen for him more than the first day I had met him.

I eventually told him how I felt about him and explained to him that I had very strong feelings for him. He told me that he was in love with his wife. How loyal and faithful - absolutely beautiful. I loved him more after I heard him say these words. I am sure his wife would indeed be so happy and proud that he uttered these words of complete and utter faithfulness to me. Deep down inside I knew he loved me too, however the poor man was in denial, or more of a shock should I say.

After our conversation I told him that I was 'sorry' for telling him how I felt. To cut the long story short, he eventually moved to another state. My son's education was declining and his lack of presence left a huge hole in my heart. Something was missing. He had gone and I was hurting. They say that when you hurt so much, that the person you love so much are a part of your soul. Since he left, I had so many visions and dreams about him. They seemed so real. One night, in my dreams he kissed me on my forehead. Another time on my left cheek. Although, I wanted to kiss him on the lips, he was a gentleman and did not go there. These kisses took place where I use to walk by him sometimes, after having dropped my son off at school.

A few months after he left, for a week or so, he use to sit on the chair in my room and watch over me. I felt so reassured and safe by his presence. It felt like a guardian angel was watching over me.

Another night, he would be watching over me in other areas of my bedroom. I felt so safe, loved and protected. His love for me was so reassuring and comforting. It felt just like the love of a mother pacifying the cries of her distressed child.

One night God and the angels united us together in spirit. He sent me waves of love that made me feel so much love, peace and at one with him. I have never experienced so much ectasy, bliss and warm energy like that before. My heart longed and ached for him so much. If He only knew that I would sacrifice everything for him ~ "Would circumstances be different today?"

Even though he is far away. everyday without failure I always feel him with me. I get a warm, tingling sensation in my solar plexus area, which gives me a sense of knowing that he is still with me in spirit. The last time I saw him in my dreams, he looked so sad. He came back to me with a suitcase in each hand. My dream ended.

I still feel him in spirit however, he has stopped coming to me, in my dreams. So many years have gone by and my mind, body and soul yearn for him like a child needs their mother's comfort and unconditional love. "Will there be a happy ending?"

I sent him a letter last month, however, I have not heard from him. I do not want to break up a marriage. However, I believe that If God wants me to be with him the reunification will occur without any tampering. I love my other half and would die for him. To have a dream come true would be like two flames coming together to become one. This I believe is when we will find our greatest joy.

Please feel free to include your opinion of this beautiful journey. I feel it in the depths of my soul that he will return to me. The bond is so strong.


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Dec 12, 2011
I Am Grateful For Your Comment Regarding My Twin Flame
by: Anonymous

Dear Tanya,

Thank-you for your inspirational comment.

I totally agree with you in the sense that I was blessed to have had an encounter with my twin flame. What ever transpires out of it is all in the divine roadmap of God's plans.

It is so difficult not being with my twin flame in the physical because I do long to feel his breath against my skin, feel his heartbeat, hold him tight and never let him go and just look into his eyes with awe and cherish the moment.

I know that I would be selfish asking for these little ahhhh moments. However, I am blessed to have him in the spiritual realm. He loves me and I love him and he makes his presence obvious and evident without any doubt, everyday.

He has given me the greatest gift of all: to love God, him and those who are close to me. Honestly, if he did not come into my life I would not have had the opportunity to fully wake up and appreciate the "heart of matters', regarding life.

He also developed a creative side of me I thought I never knew I had. Like the song "Love Changes Everything" by Anthony Warlow. Without my twin flame nothing in this world matters except him.

To all twin flames out there:
please treasure the moments you have with them on a spiritual level. The love they give to you is a reflection of their love for humanity. To be of service to those in need. God has already united you both together before you were created. To truly find your other half in this millenium is absolutely a miracle indeed.

Tanya, I know I can feel it in the depths of by soul that God will safely bring him back to me. If it is in the physical: a miracle. If it is in my next life: I can't wait! One thing I do know is that love in itself is a blessing. Love you Tanya.

Thank-you for putting my story on site and for your invaluable feedback. Sharing my story, hopefully will resonate with other people who have had similar experiences.

Blessings to you Tanya and all twin flames reuniting together. xxxx

Dec 12, 2011
He Is The One I Have Been Waiting For All My Life
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

Even though this is the time for twin flames/souls to come together, there are those who decided to come into this life time together in order to help one or the other. Your situation sounds similar to this.

The love you feel for this man is the unconditional love that occurs between twin flames - it is not about lust, but pure, unconditional love straight from the heart.

If you are meant to be together during this life time, you will be.

In the mean time, go within and do the work you are here to do, learn to love yourself and others unconditionally. It is one of the lessons we are all here to learn.

You are blessed in that you now know what it feels like.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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