Solutions For Healing Back Pain

Here are a few solutions for healing back pain. People tend to carry their life's burdens and problems and on their shoulders and back

You can help yourself in healing your body. Having a positive attitude helps the body to heal itself. Besides injury, negative emotions can cause back pain.

healing-back-painReiki For Healing Back Pain

You are most likely unaware of the negative emotions that you are carrying, which often originate from past lives and carry over into this life time.

These emotions are caused by traumatic and negative situations which you did not resolve and the emotions get stuck in your cellular memory.

You could be running from your emotions. When I could not face the death of my mother, I was always running to do things.

These blocked emotions get triggered in this life time by similar situations and can cause chronic pain in your back. Unless you release these emotions and forgive those who have hurt you, the same emotions will keep plaguing you.

Here are three methods that you can use for healing back pain:

  • Online Spiritual Counseling which involves releasing the root of your pain
  • temporary relief using natural herbs called Herbal Adjustment from
Les Herbes Pures in Canada or Pure Herbs Ltd. in the US.

Online Spiritual Counseling involves releasing all the emotions that you are carrying from physical, emotional and mental wounds. The process involves being able to release, to forgive, be grateful, and loving.

You probably cannot remember all the situations that have caused you pain, but if you are aware that you are carrying negative emotions such as anger, then you can release anger through my releasing technique.

Road Rage

Think about other emotions which you are carrying such as jealousy, insecurity, fear, stress and so on, and release them one by one. People also tend to carry financial worries on their back, especially the lower back.

Everything that has happened to you is recorded in your cellular memory, even though you may not remember. Read cellular memory.

If your back pain is chronic, and prescriptions are not helping you, it is time to see a counselor such as myself at online spiritual counseling to get to the root of your emotions and to release them.

I can find the root cause of your toxic and negative emotions and can help you in healing back pain. If you had an accident, all your emotions at that time are lodged in your muscles and organs of your body, especially where you are holding the pain as in healing back pain.

Meditation can also helps you to relax both your body and your mind and through relaxation and quieting your mind, you will be able to access knowledge about yourself. If you are having problems meditating, start at  a one minute meditation.

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As I mentioned, your pain can be caused by physical, mental, emotional, or psychological reasons.

Through my ability of hearing voices, I learned the reasons for my physical pain from my spiritual guides, and with their help and through God, I was able to heal all of my emotional and physical wounds which I suffered for most of this life carried over from past lives.

In my case, much of the pain was in various parts of my body - lower and upper back, shoulders, neck and stomach.

Since doing this work on myself which led to my "releasing method" of therapy, I was told that I will do the same work in helping others. If you need assistance in finding the cause of your back pain, you can contact me .

Healing Back Pain With A Herbal Formula

You can also use Herbal Adjustment from Pure Herbs in the US which is a combination of two liquid 100% herbal tinctures Herbal Adjustment and Peppermint Oil that are applied to the painful area. It works, believe me, when I could not go to my chiropractor, I used the Herbal Adjustment treatment. Today I go to an Osteopath for treatments who is re-aligning my spine.

This is a quick acting effective procedure for relief of headaches, leg cramps, menstrual cramping, arthritic discomfort, sports injuries, neck and shoulder tension, heart attacks, strokes and internal bleeding plus healing back pain.

Method Of Using:

  • 1st you apply Peppermint Oil which is cool, and the 2nd liquid you apply is a combination of herbs known as 
  • Herbal ADJ which is hot.

Using these 2 herbs together is called a Herbal Adjustment. These herbs will not interfere with any medication nor will it make you "groggy".

Herbal ADJ is a combination of:

  • Black Cohosh
  • Blue Vervain
  • Capsicum
  • Indian Tobacco
  • Siberian Ginseng

For chiropractic adjustments, after application, the liquids at once relax the nerves and muscles, which then allows the bones to go back into place and circulation resumes its normal function. The miraculous effects of this healing formula is amazing. I use this formula plus my releasing techniques for my emotions and in this way I'm healing back pain.

Through these methods, oxygenation and relaxation of cramping muscles pain is alleviated. The effects are quick and relief is swift. Repeat as needed. I often hurt my back through hauling wood for my 2 wood stoves, and Herbal ADJ is great for healing back pain.

For information or to order Herbal Adjustment contact me.

Causes Of Your Back Pain

Your pain could be caused by an accident or injury from this time or a past life time. In either case it is important to release the emotions and the pain you are carrying from the time of the accident, and this will help in healing back pain.

As I mentioned earlier, everything you have done in all life times is recorded on the cellular level of your being, and the imprint of your negative emotions is recorded in your body (muscles).

If your spine is out of alignment, you could be holding emotional pain which will put undue stress on muscles in your spine.

Your spinal pain could also be caused by illness or nutritional neglect. In either case it is a good idea to see your medical practitioner to rule out these causes.

Pinched nerves can also cause back pain. It is important to seek professional help especially a physical therapist for proper exercises and correct positions for lifting, sitting, standing or walking correctly.

If there is no medical cause for your pain, my advice is to try online counseling to find the emotional cause of your pain. Besides helping others with emotional and psychological distress, I also help those in physical pain.

Through speaking to you on the telephone, I am able to read the cause of  your pain and will assist you with healing back pain by revealing the root  cause of your pain. Then I will help you in with my releasing method. Once you let it go, you will feel immediate relief. It is that simple!

Emotional Stress Can Cause Back Pain

If your doctor tells you after examining you that he or she sees no physical reason for your pain, it is important to seek other alternatives.

Now it’s up to you to examine your emotions and behaviors. If you worry about everything, or keep your emotions bottled up inside, this causes enormous stress on your body, especially your back. We tend to throw things on our backs, often saying that we will take care of it later. But later never comes.

I strongly advise you to seek the help of an online counselor such as myself to get to the root of your problem.

Check out Gaiam's Wellness Clinic for pain relief and back care products.

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