Healing From Infidelity Will Make
You a Stronger Person

To start healing from infidelity, it is important to:

  • acknowledge,
  • understand and
  • accept

all of the emotions that you are feeling such as shock, rage, hurt, intense sadness, betrayal disillusionment, and devastation. Actually, these emotions are similar to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) syndrome.

The infidelity may cause you to feel rejected and unloved, which will affect your self-esteem and the sense of who you really are.

4 Crucial Steps in Healing from Infidelity

1) It is imperative that you talk about your feelings to someone who is trusting and will listen, perhaps even a therapist or an online counselor.

 2) Cry when you feel like it, it is important to to do so because this is the beginning of the healing process.

If you are in a marriage, you may also feel as if you are being taken for granted, unloved, resentful and ignored. I will not give advice as to what you both need to do to resolve your marriage.

The advice I'm offering is about healing yourself – you are the one who feels betrayed, intensely angry and perhaps even depressed. You cannot understand nor control the actions of the one who betrayed you, and trying to find logical explanations will not help, especially if the other party's actions are illogical. In healing from infidelity, it is necessary to:

Release Your Negative Emotions

 3) It is also necessary to accept your emotions to let them go, to release your anger and your feelings of justification for feeling angry. Do not try to rationalize his or her actions. The importance of feeling or being right and the partner wrong is not going to heal your emotions.Your anger will only deplete your energy and eventually make you sick.

Your thoughts are from you mental level of being, and your emotions are another level of your being and center mainly in your heart. It could also be your solar plexus area too.

It is not healthy to keep those heavy and destructive emotions blocking your heart, it will only lead to physical illness latter on. I believe that many of the heart problems people are suffering today and not just from environmental pollution and toxins from food, it is also emotional toxins blocking circulation in your heart.

It is necessary to release your anger because holding onto it will only make you feel more miserable and leave you beholden to the one who made you angry. Plus your negative emotions distance you from your loved ones and friends. Carrying anger also sabotages your emotional, mental and physical health. Feeling angry, depressed and disappointed prevents you from feeling joy!

Forgiveness is Crucial in
Healing From Infidelity

 4) To start healing from infidelity, the final step involves forgiveness - you need to forgive the one who betrayed you and also yourself for carrying the negative emotions that are making you feel so badly.

To forgive the one who betrayed you is

  • the only key to your happiness and joy. You may think that by forgiving the wrong-doer, what he or she did is right. Forgiveness is not about what is right or wrong; forgiveness is a gift to yourself, it releases you from the other. As long as you are carrying anger or some feeling towards the other person, you are connected in the energetic field.
  • Forgiveness does not mean that you will forget what the other did to you, or that you give up your soul. You will never forget the circumstances of being betrayed, but once you truly forgive from your heart, you will feel better – happier, lighter, more loving and it will draw others and more love into your life.
  • I know forgiveness takes great strength, but in healing from infidelity, it is much easier to forgive than to hold onto your anger and your grudge.
  • Holding onto your anger takes tremendous energy and will leave you feeling exhausted, depressed and miserable. You are only hurting yourself. Holding onto anger is like holding hot coals - yes it's painful, that is why you don't do it.

Remember, forgiveness will set you free!

For more information on healing from infidelity, read what Social Worker Michele Weiner-Davis, who works as a couple therapist and believes in keeping the marriage together,  says about

infidelity in a marriage.

Moving Forward

It is important to remember that this situation is about discovering who you are, and that this too will pass. One day, you will smile and remember the good things about your relationship and be able to find humor even in stressful situations.

For more information in suggestions that will help you to heal, read healing a broken heart.

Rather than take drugs such as anti-depressants, consider taking herbs to help you heal the physical aspects of your emotions.

Check my page on herbs for healing and natural healing herbs, both Universal Homeopathic or Arnica, from Pure Herbs are both very good for healing emotions.

For more information on natural herbs or for online counseling, contact me.

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