Hearing A Man's Voice

by Maria

I hear a man's voice mainly. This man frightens me. He puts me down, ridicules me, tells me if I don't do everything he says he will make something bad happen to one of my family, me or most common my new grandson I have just received.

I have also seen this man for quick seconds. I hear our lady as well as I talk to her and ask her to make this man go away. She tries her best to comfort me and protect me.

Please help me. Also I lost my partner of 27 years. I hear him say he is unhappy were he is and that he didn't want to die. He tells me different things that are going to happen and have happened.

What can I do? Please help.

Thank You

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Jan 24, 2015
Hearing A Man's Voice
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


I forgot to mention about clearing your home environment as Shay mentioned in her comment.

You can do it yourself by using sage. Read my page at cleansing with sage.

You also have to make sure that you cleanse yourself of emotional issues that you are carrying which can attract negative vibrations such as 'psychic attacks'. Do not think any negative thoughts, as soon as one enters your mind, delete - let it go.

I will do a page on psychic attacks soon, so watch for it.

Sending light and love,

Jan 23, 2015
All Will Be Okay, Hang in There
by: SHAY

First, my condolences to you on losing your partner of 27 years. I hope you know that just because they leave us in physical body, does not mean they are not with us.

Second, I want you to make sure the voice you are hearing is 1) from the house 2) from your own mind 3) from a spirit around you.

If it is from the house, or from a portal you opened, you may need a cleansing in your home. Find a good medium who does house cleansings and get rid of the negative force that you may have invited in accidentally, (sometimes we by accident invite negative spirits who are around us, when we are down ourselves or trying to make contact with the other side, etc.)

There is a great school in Stanstead ( Arthur Findlay School of Spiritual studies) maybe they can refer you to a "good" medium out your way who would be kind enough to come and do a house cleansing for you. And this person can also ask the source of this negativity to also leave your home.. (also you can do this...look on google "how do I cleanse my home spiritually" and see what you get.

As Tanya said, ask for Archangel Michael's protection also. Maybe your sadness of losing your partner opened this negative portal.

I would be very curious if Arthur Findlay can help you and give you some names, and/or go to a good metaphysical shop and ask if they know any good mediums who can get rid of negative energy/spirits also.

Let us know.

Blessings, and much happiness. God Bless you, and you are loved.

Jan 23, 2015
Hearing A Man's Voice
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Maria,

Since you are able to hear the voice of spirits, it is important that you have daily protection. Otherwise, negative spirits who can will try and talk to you.

Call on Archangel Michael, our protector, and ask Him for protection and cleansing daily. Also ask him to take your partner home to the light. He is not supposed to be telling you things that will happen.

Read my page for spiritual protection.

Sending you healing vibrations,

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