Hearing More Voices After Starting Meditation

by Kamal


It's a great website with lots of information.

I heard voices like someone calling my name while falling asleep in my twenties. When I was one month pregnant, I heard a voice in my head saying that I had a son, a boy.

I am 32 now and started meditation to relax and to get rid of stress. I had many experiences in meditation like flying, body vibrating, I can smell different fragrances, I see flashes of white light, falling from Sky full of stars etc .

I also felt some energy entering my body from my feet or head and giving little shake to my body and telling me to start meditation, I could feel a light touch on my face and ears. I've also felt tingling sensation on my head and forehead.

I was happy with my meditation as it is progressing very well.

Then I started to hear voices like someone knocking on the door, talking in a different sweet language, and crying and screaming, and hearing my name being called even in public places.

I started to hear voices while awake as if someone is screaming in the kitchen.

I explained this to a psychic and he told me I am a sensitive person and advised me to wear obsidian, do grounding and ask for protection.

This psychic did chakra clearing and advised me to follow this routine, for protection and to be disciplined.

I still hear voices during the night which I mostly ignore.

Last night a lady came to my room, knocked on the door to get my attention and started to give me instructions which I can't remember and she said I am depleting my money, I agreed with her, then I woke up and wondered what happened.

Then my 3 year old son woke up and started to go towards the door, I asked him to come back to bed. He came back and fell asleep again and after 10 minutes, he started to laugh so loudly which continued for about 2 minutes.

I haven't seen him laughing like this when he is awake. Afterwards, I fell asleep and again saw a lady full of light telling me to take a pillow and put it under my head.

This morning I am feeling good and not scared, but want to know who was this lady

Please excuse my English, it's not my first language.


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Aug 07, 2015
Hearing More Voices After Starting Meditation
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Kamal,

That's wonderful that you are meditating. the meditation is opening up your channels to receive information. Now you know that you have the ability to hear voices.

With Mother Earth's
, (you can read my page about symptoms people are feeling during earth's ascension) more and more people are awakening their hidden abilities.

I suspect the woman in white who is coming to you in your dreams could be your spirit guide. We are often visited by other spirits when we are sleeping. My twin soul often came to me during dreams.

I advise you to keep a pad of paper and a pencil beside your bed and when you are awakened, write down your dreams. Dreams are very important, and you can learn much from them.

Protection is very important, it is good that the psychic told you about it, and you need to have it all the time. The protection is to keep the negative spirits and vibrations away from you, they can be very disturbing.

There are different ways to have protection.
You can ask Archangel Michael to come in and to cleanse your vibrations, and the inside of your house and to surround you with a protective bubble to keep you safe from negative spirits, you can also do the same for your son.

You can also ask to be surrounded by God's Divine light, and you can also imagine this light surrounding you.

Buy some sage and use it to smudge yourself and the inside of your house.

Read my page on how to cleanse your home with sage

If you need more information, use my counseling through e-mail.

Sending light and love,

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