Hearing The Cries Of Loved Ones Before A Tragedy Or Death.

by Nicole
(Rome, GA)

I'm 26 years old and started to "hear things" when I was about 21. I'm a Christian; my family is also blessed with gifts as well (grandmotherhas visions, mother and sister jhave dreams.)

When I was 21, I was driving in my car on the way to work. And out of nowhere, I hear an older lady crying uncontrollably. After it stopped, my soon to be grandmother-in-law came to mind and that this was her crying about something that was about to happen within the next month. I really prayed about it.

A month later, my husband's grandmother found her husband burning in the yard (he was burning leaves and his motorized wheelchair tipped over in them). Later on that month, he past away. At the funeral, I heard her cry the same cry that I had heard in my car that day.

This morning, it happened again around 5am. It actually woke me out of my sleep. I could hear my own grandmother crying as if someone close to her had past away. I almost jumped out of bed to see if she was ok, then it dawned on me she lives 40 miles away. I found out this morning around 8 am that her sister is now in the hospital...she has been fighting cancer for about a year and it is getting worse. We also found out that she is terminal.

Again, I prayed about it but I just have that gut feeling that it's the same outcome as the first time I heard these voices. I'm accepting this gift God has given me...I don't talk about it much though and to only certain people.

I'm hoping and praying that God gives me the strength to handle this gift of "hearing."

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Oct 13, 2016
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Anon,

You daughter has several psychic abilities, and it appears that she is calm about knowing that.

there is nothing wrong with these abilities, many wished they had them.

If you have any false beliefs regarding psychic abilities or fears regarding her ability of communicating in the spiritual realm, you must release them for yourself and your daughter's sake.

Regarding your daughter, it is important that she is always protected when she communicates with spirits, for they are always bringing in particular vibrations which can be negative. So smudging your environment is important. Use sage cleansing or you can boil bay leaves, or cloves and use the steam to cleanse a room.

When I spirit comes in, it is best to have them removed, they need to go home. Rather than doing it herself, I suggest that she calls in Archangel Michael and ask him to remove the spirit and take it to the most appropriate place at this time.

Hope this puts your mind at ease.

If you have any more questions, you can contact me.

Sending light and love,

Oct 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

My daughter has a gift of sporadically seeing shadows, seeing figures move out of the corner of her eye or feeling like people watching her at random moments while alone.

She also can astral travel, she says she feels like she vibrates and finds herself situated above the situation and goes back in her body at will.

She heard a "rough voice" speak to her while she was in bed. It asked, "Did I come through"? She wasn't scared.

What is this? What could it mean?

Aug 24, 2016
Witness Sccounts
by: Anonymous

One evening (early'80's), I had dinner at my in-laws in CT.

He was all Italian, most of family on Long Island NY. We were sitting/talking after dinner across from both my mother and father in-law. I see them both suddenly turn their heads toward each other like startled, then look at me and say, "Did you hear that?" .. I heard nothing.

They explained that whenever a relative dies they hear the sound like a cat's cry. Then they said, you wait, the phone will ring in 5 minutes with someone saying a relative died...and it did, just like they said.

Sometime in 2012, my daughter heard the sound and frantically called family members...I could not understand why she could not connect the sound to a death.

Next day she gets a call. Her dog, a beautiful Bernese Mountain dog, which had cancer died at the moment she heard the noise (it was being cared for by someone who had the means.)

Jun 29, 2014
Hearing Crying Before a Death
by: Anonymous

I understand that hearing crying before a death is a gift from God, but I wish I knew why we are gifted with such a thing when I know I can't change the outcome.

I hear crying in the night like a warning of a family member's death and am powerless to do any thing about it as I cant pin point who it is going to be. The only thing I can do is let my family know there is a death coming as I have heard the crying again.

It sounds like blood curdling crying like a cat, yet as if it's trying to screech out words at the same time.

It really scares me when the crying occurs and it's never wrong, always ends in death.

May 01, 2014
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Divina,

I know and understand the sense of loss that you feel about losing your father.

My mother called me before her stroke which paralyzed her completely, and I didn't answer her telephone call. That plagued me until I realized I had to let it go.

You have to let go of the guilt you are feeling that you didn't call your father the morning of his death.

Use my technique of letting go.

Your father loves and does not want you to suffer from guilt.

You can speak to him in the spiritual realm. In your quiet time or during meditation, listen for his responses.

Sending healing vibrations,

Apr 22, 2014
by: Davina ashby

I have only ever told a few close friends this, but so far not my mother.

I couldn't at the time and now after a few passing years there seems little point. I suspect it might just upset her even now so I have decided to say nothing.

On the very day my dad died, he called out my name waking me from my early morning sleep...so clear was his voice it was as if he was in the room.

I told my partner at the time what had happened before leaving for work that morning and within four hours my father had collapsed and died. When my brother called to tell me what had happened I called out in angst declaring what had taken place earlier that morning that my father had almost reached out to me!!

I live with the pain every day of not just losing the most important human being in my life...and his wisdom that guided me through my perilous life!

I was lost without him as the rest of my family have since his passing. And I suffer the pain of not taking the time to call him that morning. We lived 450 miles apart and chatted regularly. But I just never took the time.

Just writing this I feel the pain swell up inside me...and its 4 years on...you hear some much guff nowadays about life being so precious etc. etc...it is as my dad used to say...you are only ever one heartbeat away from death.

Never ever take your loved ones for granted...the pain and loss when they go can be unbearable. Live, love, laugh and peace all...

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