Hearing Voices from Conversations of People who are Alive

by jana


Question: I completely understand hearing voices of people that have passed! I hear peoples voices that are at least a thousand miles away and they are alive! What is that?


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Aug 27, 2016
What Does It Mean?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Tara,

This means that you are a sensitive, and it is not a bad thing.

You can use this knowledge to help yourself and others.

I suggest that you do not imagine negative things happening, as they are happening everywhere.

But, you need to release your fear of your ability.

One way of releasing your fear is to imagine a flower, some use the rose, and as you let go of all of your fear into the flower, you will see it deteriorate to ashes, then blow it away.

You can also say with intention, "I release all of my fear concerning my ability of receiving information into Divine light." Then ask Archangel MIchael to cleanse your fear from all levels of your being.

Sending light and love,

Aug 19, 2016
What Does It Mean?
by: Tara

Why does this happen to me:

I hear voices of people still alive.
I have dreams in sometimes come true.
I could imagine things and most likely it will happen.

Please help me understand all of this. If spirits are active? One time I saw a dark shadow coming from the corner of my eye.

Aside from that the other things, is this only going to get worse?

My fear is that if I don't control this, I'm gonna imagine something bad and it will really happen.

Jul 10, 2013
Mental Illness or Clairaudience?
by: Anonymous

My partner since a year, a male in his 40's, often mutters or speaks to himself, normally fairly quietly so I cannot actually hear what he is saying.

On one occasion whilst sitting on the couch he turned to his right and said,

"Alright mate I'm good how's you?"

or very similar words to this effect. However, there was no one else in the room apart from him and I. He often says that he has picked up on things that people who are many miles away have said in reference to him and also at times me.

I am very confused and have spoken to him about this as I perceived him as suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, but he always says that I don't understand.

I am trying to understand which is why I thought someone could provide me some guidance hence posting here?

May 30, 2012
Hearing A Voice
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hello Anon,

When you hear a voice, it can also be mental telepathy - being able to transmit thoughts back and forth - and it can sound like a voice.

If you practice this, you will eventually know the difference.

I believe this will be the way to communicate in the future. No one will be able to lie to each other and honesty will prevail. That is something to look forward to!

Without mental telepathy, if you are aware, you can usually tell if someone is lying by their body language anad their vibrations.

Sending light and love,

May 28, 2012
Hearing A Voice
by: Anonymous

My husband is very much alive, but sometimes when he is at work far away from the house I hear his voice.

Twice it has been like he is in another room with the door shut and I can't make out exactly what he is saying but it IS his voice.

The last time it happened I heard his voice say my name very loud and clear, like he was standing next to me. It has happened 3 times now. It is so weird! I know it isn't my imagination, but it seems hard to believe.

Jan 25, 2011
Hearing Voices
by: Anonymous

I hear voices of people that are alive thousands of miles away too all the time. I've been diagnosed with mental illness for it. I guess that's just what it's called.

Sometimes the voices are nice and sometimes they're mean, but I know they must be real people, and I've been wondering also if maybe people are unaware they are sending messages to me but I have no idea.

Oct 26, 2010
Receiving, and Send Messages Telepathically
by: Anonymous

I have an issue where I hear voices of people I've cared about saying things related to me, and that I'm being mistaken as a person.

When I am not thinking about anything, a sentence will come up in the back of my head. It is disturbing.

I want to know if it is true that I'm actually picking up a message from reality? Do you think I can also send a message in this way? Do you consider the possibility that maybe people who have this issue have a mental disorder?

Jul 31, 2010
Does Everyone Hear Voices?
by: michelle

My question is...do the people whom are being heard know that their frequency is being picked up and that people are tuned into their vibe?

In my situation - I hear EVERYONE'S voices. So I ask, is everyone telepathic?

Is this actually what it means to astral travel?
Please answer!

Nov 25, 2008
Hearing Voices from Conversations of People who are Alive
by: Tanya Tkach

Nov. 25, 2008 This is a good Question!
by Tanya Tkach - Webmaster
Hello Jana,

Thank you for your question. There are a couple of explanations for hearing voices from people who are alive.

First of all, I presume that you hear voices of people who have passed on. When you have this ability, it does not matter if the person is alive or has died.
You only have to think of a particular person or persons and you will hear their voice(s). It could be the voice of a television personality or a star that you are familiar with seeing and hearing. It could even be the voice of a radio broadcaster.

In my case, all I have to do is think of my sister in Australia, and I hear her voice, it's that simple!

In another scenario, if you are not accustomed to hearing voices and you do hear the voice or voices of a living person or persons, it is as if you are tuning into a radio broadcast where you can hear two stations. You are picking up the frequency. Remember, everything in the universe has vibrations.

If you are not yet aware of your ability of hearing voices, this phenomenon could be a way of informing you that you have the ability to hear voices, but it may not yet be fully developed. On the other hand, perhaps hearing voices is not necessarily the gift that you will be using in this life time. You could also be in the process of developing another gift.

There are various means of receiving messages through your senses - hearing, visualizing, feeling, sensing, smelling and so on. It is a matter of accepting the ability or abilities that you have, working with it (them) and being vigilant - conscious of everything around you all the time.

Through meditation, prayer and belief you will receive all that you need to know. It is important to be patient, to live fully in the moment and to follow the flow. Resistance causes pain!
Tanya Tkach
Spiritual Counselor, Psychic

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