Hearing Voices Hurts

by Whitney

I have been hearing voices for almost six years now. They have completely slowed down (not stopped :) my life progress.

Before the auditory, I was able to take on loads of stress and move onward and upward. Now, I am finding it difficult to just get up in the morning, because the voices begin. Mine also started with a voice saying "Can you hear us?"

The voice takes on a person who I dated for less than two weeks many years ago. The guy worked in security, so the voices keep saying that they are him and that the FBI is following me. lol. It sounds so real.

I don't know if it's an illness, I don't know if it's spiritual. I've had medicine and spiritual treatments. The medicine I was put on in the psych ward (2-3 meds) did not stop the voices.

After the hospital stay, I had an exorcism (by family because if you are considered "mentally ill" or have been in a mental hospital, no priest will perform on you). It was a whole lot of screaming and demonic things that were trying to hang on to me.

I was so scared and wondering, am I evil or possessed by demons? After that exorcism, I became super spiritual, lighting candles, reading scriptures, facing pebbles toward the direction of the sun, drawing crosses on the wall, some of it didn't make sense, but did at the time.

I am so sad. My siblings are moving forward doing great things with their lives and I have to wake up to 6 or 7 voices that sound like some jerk I dated for less than 2 weeks.

Do any of you have similar experiences?

Please pray for me, as prayer changes things!! I'm a believer.

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Mar 21, 2014
Blessings To You
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with Tanya, and also try not to dwell on these negative thoughts or voices you are hearing. I like to think that the more you dwell on them the more they will exist and continue.

Ask God and Jesus to be with you and for the White Light of the Holy spirit to protect you each morning. Every morning I ask, "May the white light of the holy spirit surround me and my home". That puts a protective feeling around me.

Focus on love, God is Love and Love is God.

Mar 21, 2014
Hearing Voices Hurts
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Whitney,

It sounds as if the voices are controlling your life. You can get it back by asking the spiritual realm for help.

I know how the voices can be frightening. Once certain negative spirits know you have the ability to hear them, they will try and torment you.

Call on Archangel Michael, or your spiritual guide or whoever you believe in for their help. I, personally, use Archangel Michael as I am bothered by spirits daily.

You can ask Him to remove them and to give you spiritual protection. You can also imagine being surrounded by Divine light. Do this whenever they bother you.

Once you know and feel the divine presence, you will know the difference and will not let the negative ones bother you again. The spiritual realm is filled with positive and negative vibrations just as with positive an negative people on earth, and you need to learn how to protect yourself. Read about spiritual protection.

Let me know what happens.

Sending light and love,

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