Hearing voices in my Head and Seeing Alien Faces

by Chris
(Coalinga, CA. USA)

Hearing voices in my head all started when I started reading about the Illuminati and relativity.

Without my medication I was seeing people as other people, I also saw aliens in my house. At one point I felt I myself turned into an alien, because I took a picture of myself and I saw me as an alien.

I don't know if the voices are really there to help me or not, so I ignore them or try to control it. I would also see the devils face on the ground or on the walls in my house.

Now I see alien faces everywhere like they are watching me. I am currently on medication now and it helps a lot, but sometimes I feel like I don't need them because they are blocking me to hear and see the gift God gave me.

I hope one day to stop taking medication and see if I can cope with it now since I have a better understanding of what's going on with me.

People nod their heads at me a lot and they hold out there hands like I'm supposed to pass them something or so I think.

Well, that's just my short story of what goes on with me. Hopefully i can get a response from someone who understands and can give me answers and ideas on how to control this or live with it and use it for positive use thank you.

I would hear voices to tell me to get on my knees and pray. Then they would tell me to get up and solute to my left and look to my right and visualize something and pass it up. One time it got so bad I thought I saw 'lil Wayne' next to me and we were passing stuff back and fourth.

It got so bad I lost track of reality and the voices got evil. They kept telling me to think of nasty thoughts and stop hearing the voices in my head, and to stop talking to them, the more I talked to them the worse it got.

My mom had to sit me down and talk to me until I calmed down. Once I was calm I started seeing a lot of things. All I can say is it was like me being in a video game and I had to win or I would die.

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Aug 27, 2016
What Meds Helped
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Anon,

I never took any medication for hearing voices.

It is an ability I have and I do not need medication.

Sending light and love,

Aug 10, 2016
What Meds Helped?
by: Anonymous

This is so similar to my son. He hears and sees people, real spirits that I cannot see.

He laughs and I do not see who is telling him to laugh. I believe him. He believes he is as old as God, well at least watched creation--many forms of created beings, and that demons take humans and torture them, but people think they are aliens taking them. He is sweet and genuine.

He was out of the hospital for a year, I think he stopped taking Zyprexa and has been smoking pot and maybe acid. I do not want him to return to a hospital. They just dope him up and send him home when the insurance runs out.

What helped you, and did you ever get to the point where you knew you had a disease?

He will not believe he has a mental illness and it is breaking my heart and there is no help.

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