Hearing Voices of People in My Head

by Jamie
(Pittsfield, Mass.)

Not only do I hear voices of people in my head that have passed over, I have full blown conversations with them. Many are friends and family.

I can not work or concentrate on every day goals. It's getting stronger and I can't turn it off? There is more to it that I can not explain. I'm starting to go crazy and do not know where to turn in fear of being deamed crazy!

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Jan 27, 2015
You are OKAY
by: Shay

Stop saying "I am going crazy", you are not.

Listen to all the loving wisdom Tanya gave you, and think positive. If your thoughts are negative and overwhelming you, than you have to realize you are the creator of them. There is nothing wrong with hearing from people who have passed on. It is not bad, and you are not alone. But, don't make it stressful for you.

You have the power to listen or not listen to them, you have the power to stop/turn off. You are the master of your own senses. Spirits will also respect this, as we are the ones who will and can open the door to them.

So, be kind to yourself and say kind things to yourself. You are okay, we are okay, you are loved and you are probably one heck of a nice person.



Jan 27, 2015
Hearing Voices of People in My Head
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Jamie,

No, you are not crazy. I hear voices and have conversations with my loved ones who have died plus other spirits all the time.

The key is to accept it, and do not try to go against it, for you will only have more trouble.

But, it is important that you do your own spiritual cleansing of all negative thoughts, feelings, behaviors and beliefs daily. Do not hang onto anything negative for it will only attract more negativity towards you.

Besides the daily cleansing, it is important to have protection from any negative vibrations and spirits.

Also meditate daily, if only for 5 minutes. Just concentrate on your breathing and nothing else.
Read my pages on meditation starting with meditation for beginners.

I always do these very important things:

1. I release any thoughts or vibrations that I can feel to divine Light.
2. I visualize being surrounded by Divine white light
3. I call in Archangel Michael to help cleanse all the cells in my physical body plus other levels of my being, and to surround me with physical protection.

Sending light and love,

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