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I heard voices since I was a young child, and I spent most of my life running from it. It was because I thought something was wrong with me.

Strangely enough, even though my mother did not accept my ability she was the first one who contacted me after she died.

At that time, it was natural for me to speak to my invisible friends (angels), but my mother strongly discouraged me. Unknowing to me at that time, she knew the consequences.

Besides, she told me that my behavior "scared" her. Only later in life, I found out that my 'Baba' (grandmother in Ukrainian) also had special abilities. She could see spirits and future events.

Now my book That Damn Voice Again, Communication From Beyond" is finally for sale and you can buy it through PayPal by clicking on it.

Back in the 40's people thought that if you were hearing voices, you were crazy. Then you were placed in a mental ward of a hospital. As a result, I feared telling anyone.

At that time, (some still do today), people did not understand and feared anyone who had this special ability - this wonderful spiritual gift of communicating and receiving messages from the spiritual realm. I have learned so much, and am still learning from my spiritual guides.

Hearing Voices as a Young ChildChild Hearing Voices

I can understand why people still fear this, their fear comes from trauma that they experienced in this life time and past lives where they were persecuted for their spiritual beliefs and abilities.

You can read what happened to me concerning my special ability in mental illness stigma.

How I Reconnected With Hearing Voices

Many years later, I reconnected with this spiritual gift from God. The first time I remember hearing a voice occurred during a treatment at the chiropractor’s. At the time, I was suffering terribly from back pain, and was praying for help. Suddenly, a deep male voice answered my prayers. I was so frightened, I nearly fell off the massage table.

Then, after my mother died in 1997, she contacted me. A few years later, my partner then my sister both died within three months. After losing all of my loved ones, my life changed drastically!

I write about these events in my spiritual awakening story.

Today, when I need help, I am communicating with God and it has nothing to do with religion. I believe that religion is man made, and is the cause of many of our problems today. It was and is still used as a method for controlling the masses.

How This Special Ability has Helped Me

Today, I feel very blessed with this special gift. Learn more about this spiritual gift in what are spiritual gifts.

It has led to many interesting conversations with my own spiritual guides, other spirits, mother, sister, partner, and God. You can read about my experiences plus my conversations with my loved ones in my book,

"That Damn voice Again, communication From Beyond" Besides communicating with spirits, I also communicate with my dogs and cat.

Receiving messages from loved ones has added a tremendous meaning to my life. I have discovered my life’s purpose, and am now doing what I love.

There are many books available about communicating with spirits through Amazon. com.

Knowing why I am here has turned my life around. I no longer feel the stress of uncertainty nor the lack of meaning in my life; I have stopped searching for answers I now know.

If you hear voices, you will appreciate the humour of these artist`s cartoons at hearing voices cartoons.

If you have a hearing voices experience that you would like to share with us on this site, go to spirit voices stories and fill in the form on that page. You can be assured that this is a safe place to talk about your experiences.

If you need help with accepting this ability and learning how it can help you, contact me at Click Me or pay for a healing session immediately at PayPal.

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If you feel that you need help with accepting this special gift, you can contact me here at online spiritual counseling.

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