Hello Entryway

by Rayna Ladonna
(San Jose, CA, USA)

It was just a few nights ago (morning ?) Around 12-1 AM and my aunt had just gotten home from work and I usually go to greet her since I'm usually up all night drawing or internet browsing. But yeah, I greet her and she's getting her bed ready and says I can sit with her a little while and I did.

I laid on the bed near her as she explained her day at work and I listened silently, chiming in on occasion to further things or have her explain something, but there was a point where she's started to fall asleep and stops talking. I laid there for awhile and contemplated napping with my aunt until , from the entryway I heard a voice say two times "Hey..hey!"

My aunt sat straight up, I moved closer to her.

"Did you hear that?" She asks me to which I nodded 'sounds like a voice.' And I hate to say it because it sounds so cliche, but it was a young girl's voice.

She tries to say "Maybe it's Donna kitty?" Her cat who can occasionally say a word or two, but just before she'd gotten home I let our cats out for the night/day.

She eventually lays back down and curls up, I'm kind of the protagonist of a horror movie who checks things they shouldn't. I got up and searched the living room we were in, the back door, the entryway was completely empty and I know this because with our home layout it is straight into the living room with a side door to the kitchen and hallway and yes, I checked both.

Other people in the house at the time was my uncle, my grandfather, my sister and her husband along with her baby boy. Sister was asleep hours earlier and has a strong voice, not as small as the one we heard. And the baby is only 3 months and cannot speak yet--and was asleep.

And to be fair I checked every part of the house even the garage just in case. No source was given.

We clearly heard, "Hey hey".

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Sep 02, 2016
Hello Entryway
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Rayna,

That sounds like the voice of a spirit, it could be someone you know who has died.

It is your choice whether you decide to communicate with the spirit in order to find out who it is.

Usually after a death, and the funeral, the soul moves to the most appropriate place to go, but there are many lost souls about who have lost the way to a spirit track. Many spirit tracks also get broken due to the dismantling of the earth's mantle (surface).

If you do communicate which I advise against doing, it's important to have ample protection in and around you.

You can also call in Archangel Michael and ask him to bring the spirit to the most appropriate place at this time.

Sending light and love,

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