Natural Herbs For Liver

These herbs for liver and herbs for constipation will cleanse and help you to maintain a happy and healthy liver, and also help with constipation problems.

I found out about these herbs by  feeling physically terrible. Like everyone else, I never thought that I needed to cleanse my liver. During a visit to my reflexologist who also checked my organs through iridology, I found out that I had a toxic liver and I had to do a liver cleanse immediately. She told me that the following herbs would eliminate my symptoms.

She said that my toxic liver was the cause of my problems.

These Herbs for Liver also Saved My Gallbladder

Pure Herbs for LiverPure Herbs for Liver
  • Burdock which herbalists call a diuretic, and a cholorectic - it stimulates bile flow to induce sweating. It was also used for skin disorders such as eczema, boils and acne. Herbalists say it cleans the liver, relieves lymphatic congestion and purifies the blood.

Note: If used for 6 to 8 months, it is said to strengthen hair growth.

  • Yellow Dock is used as a laxative, and astringent to treat sore joints, bleeding of the lungs, chronic bronchitis, congested liver, spleen trouble, swollen lymph glands leprosy and chronic skin diseases. It also a good source of organic iron.

Burdock and Yellow Dock together have the reputation of getting rid of the suffering caused by shingles.

  • Calendula is used for healing wounds and treating skin ailments such as varicose veins, pigmentation disorders, chilblains, athletes foot and cancer. - it has also been used to treat jaundice, water retention, stomach problems, viral and bacterial infections and to dislodge air pockets from the colon.
  • Turkey Rhubarb Used to treat chronic constipation and to improve digestion, to treat diarrhea, inflamed and distended intestines, also said to increase the production of saliva. Besides treating liver problems,

All of these herbs are in the 100% pure liquid herbal formula called L.G.-W which is made by Pure Herbs. L.G.-W is also one of the great herbs for constipation.

L.G.-W is also used to treat:

  1. shingles
  2. chronic skin diseases
  3. stomach problems (inflammation)
  4. distended intestines
  5. athletes foot
  6. chronic bronchitis
  7. allergies

plus other problems caused by a toxic liver.

Pure Herbs saved my life. After taking this formula for about 6 weeks, my life changed drastically. I felt so much better, my digestion improved, I had more energy and I stopped feeling so down, and no more dull headaches.

Since I have had gallbladder and liver problems for most of my life, I have tried many types of cleansers, and healing formulas such as Olive oil and Chamomile, with different supplements, all to no avail.

At one point, my doctor wanted to take out my gallbladder. I refused to have the operation and I still have my gallbladder today.

I can't say enough good things about L.G.-W. as it changed my life. After taking it 3 times daily after meals in a little hot water, all my symptoms disappeared.

Now, I can eat just about anything and I feel good!

L.G.-W Uses: it gently flushes both areas of poisons and dissolves stones in the gallbladder. It restores the flow of bile from the liver and cleans the blood. Strongly recommended for those with gallbladder resection. L.G.-W

A toxic liver could also be caused by parasites, read parasite symptoms.

Now I only use natural herbal formulas, vitamin and mineral supplements from Pure Herbs daily. Since the herbs for liver helped to restore my natural health, I believe in the Pure Herbs products and decided to become a distributor.

You can contact me , I will test to see what your body needs and you will be able to order the product(s) from me which will be delivered to your door in a couple of days.

They also have a sister company in Canada at Herbes Pures

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