Home Remedies for Panic Attacks

When you are overcome with panic, try one of these home remedies for panic attacks.


Focus on Breathing

Immediately focus on your breathing. During an attack, you breathe short and shallow breaths. Breathe camly and slowly from your diaphragm. If you're unsure where that is, place your hand below your rib cage and if your hand moves, you are breathing properly from your diaphragm. Keep breathing this way until your breathing becomes regular.

Breathe slowly, counting 1,2,3,4 breathing and 5,6,7,8 breathing out. Do this for a few minutes, only focusing on your breathing to calm yourself.

Use Self Talk

If your doctor has told you that nothing is wrong with you physically, tell yourself that this is not a warning sign of a catastrophe, that it is not a heart attack and that you are well.

Go through the symptoms and calm yourself down by talking yourself out of the attack. The more you do this, your attacks will shorten and you will have them less often.

Change What You are Doing 

If you are outside, take a walk and focus on your surroundings getting your mind off your symptoms.

Plant Extracts and Oils

Keep a small bottle of Angelica, or Lavender Oil handy and put a drop on your hand or Kleenex and breathe in the aroma.


Listen to soothing music such as music for meditation. Add yoga or meditation into your daily activities. Either one is a good de-stressor and helps your body to relax.

Natural Herbs is one of the Best
Home Remedies for Panic Attacks

An excellent remedy for panic attacks is herbal medicine such a Universal E.R. from Pure Herbs which you take a few drops under your tongue. You can also put a few drops of Arnica on your temples, wrists and on your heart area.

You can order these products by contacting me.

You can also apply these herbal remedies on your heart reflexes on your left palm and foot. The reflex point on your palm is just below the pads of the ring finger and little finger, and on the sole it is just below the ball of the foot under the 4th toe. You can massage these areas with the pad of your thumb.

Experiment, you can use one or all of these home made remedies for panic attacks.

Alternative Remedy

If your panic attacks, do not disappear contact me for an online counseling session to release trauma.

Note:If you are taking medication, or have allergies, speak with your medical health advisor before taking any essential oil.

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