How Can I Trust The Use Of The Pendulum Again?

by Carina

I started using a pendulum in Feb. this year and asked to speak to my spirit guide, I got a male spirit thru called Poablo who made out he was my Master Guide, he was very attentive & warming towards me and told me he knew me from 16th Century and we were soulmates.

I used an alphabet chart to obtain this info.

I also spoke to a female spirit Meg who said she was my spirit guide. Within a week of using this I began sensing strong vibrations/energy around me and they verified it was their energy. Then a couple of days later I began hearing voices in my head - they verified it was them and confirmed conversations on the alphabet chart to reassure me I wasn't hearing my own thoughts or was going crazy.

Both these spirits would wake me up at all times of the night and would talk to me continuously and ask me to go to the pendulum to verify conversations. I also spoke with my deceased cousin on the pendulum chart and my spirit guide took me to meet other deceased family members when I was meditating (or closed my eyes really as fully awake!) I also saw him thru my third eye when driving or doing housework.

I could never get away from this spirit Poablo over a 4 week period. However, the unexpected happended and this spirit woke me up at 4 am one Sunday as I was sitting in the toilet he asked me to breathe slowly (I felt my breathing was being controlled as never breathed so deeply and slowly) I began tasting a strong metal taste in my mouth then Poablo's voice became quieter.

I asked what he was doing and he said he was in my body now as we were soulmates we were One from now until eternity. Meg also said she was inside me trying to get him out and God made out he was there too trying to get him out.

Anyway I panicked and drank lots of water as I was told this would flush him out - ended up in hospital with low sodium - I was in and out of conciousness and not aware - my family described me as a woman possessed as I lay on the bed full body shaking (one point I was thrown off the bed) and I was mumbling a million times per hour - the doctor told my husband he was going to refer me and section me in a mental hospital.

Just as he said that I took a major seizure and nearly died - since coming out of the hospital I started seeing ugly images and voices saying "Carina please forgive me I love you". So I went and got healing to remove this spirit from me which worked.

However after this experience I realise I should have protected myself not only in meditation but also using the pendulum as I didn't!!

As the pendulum worked so effectively for me I'd love to use this again, but left afraid as I feel I'm open to negative spirits, I'm not sure if this experience was due to the fact that I may have attached myself emotionally to these spirits and thought God was in me talking to me the last couple of days prior to hospitalisation.

Since I was researching on the internet, a lot of people say demons impersonate or make out that they are God/Jesus etc. just to get to us.

Please help me as I really want to get my faith back in using this tool. My husband threw out my pendulums and have used my ring on a chain just to ask "yes/no" questions (no charts).

I asked if I was speaking to a being from God's light, I got a "no" answer so I put this down. Another time I asked if I was speaking to my higher self and got a "yes".

I continued asking "yes/no" questions and asked again is this my higher self - "no"; are you my guide - "yes"; are you from divine light - "no".

Due to the mix of information, I'm not certain to whom I'm communicating with and would love any advice on how to determine we are communicating only with higher spirit and how we can verify and be sure of this.

Thanks for listening.

Regards Carina.

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May 30, 2012
Thank You
by: Carina

Thanks for your comments.

Since my experience I have received healing which has removed the entity that was communicating with me mentally and via the use of the pendulum. I now protect myself regularly.

Do you think I have opened up psychic ability since I could hear voices of the two spirits who contacted me which lasted 4 weeks?

I just find it odd that I could hear the spirits clear and loud until my experience came to an abrupt end and since I've received healing, I don't hear anything now. I have occasionally heard a softer and more quieter voice and pendulum verified it was my guardian spirit, but this is infrequent to my prior experience.

I'd hate to waste such an ability that has been opened up to me and would love to develop this skill. Do you have any suggestions and do you think I am a clairvoyant/medium with such an experience?

Thanks x

May 29, 2012
How Can I Trust The Use Of The Pendulum Again?
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hello Carina,

Thank you for sharing you intense experiences.

Yes, now you know that it is very important to be cleansed and have protection daily, especially when using a pendulum. There are positive and negative vibrations and spirits in the atmosphere. Many like to play with those who can communicate in the spiritual realm, hence the need for spiritual protection.

Also, you need to release your lack of faith in using the pendulum which usually gives answers that come from your higher self or the Divine source. For releasing your fear, read my technique at letting go of anger substituting your fear for anger.

Eventually you will know when there is a negative spirit around you because of what they say. Your spiritual guides will only speak positively towards you.

No soul can enter your body unless there is an agreement between the higher selves of yourself and the other spirit in advance.

Sending healing vibrations,
Tanya Tkach, Online Counseling

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