Learning How to Deal With Anger
Is Important For Your Health

how-to-deal-with-angerDealing with Anger

In learning how to deal with anger, it is important that you are vigilant daily with your own feelings.

This means that you need to go within to find out what and exactly how you are feeling when you are upset - what part of your body is affected by your emotions, and why you are upset.

Ask yourself, "What made me so upset?" - was it words, or a particular person or situation?

For example, if it is your heart, toxic and negative emotions which you may be holding in your heart can eventually cause problems leading to a heart attack.

When you learn to identify your own feelings and are able to release them, then feelings from others, especially anger will not affect you.

If you are running from your emotions, you will not understand the emotions of others, and will often times take others' feelings personally as your own.

In other words, the angry feelings that you are experiencing may not be your own.

If some one’s anger tends to frighten you, or makes you feel angry, you have not yet dealt with your own anger issues. You are being triggered by someone’s anger and you need to examine the emotions within yourself - to find out why you are angry, read anger triggers at right of page.

  Learn How to Deal with Anger Issues

and other Negative Emotions

If everyone would learn how to deal with anger in a healthy manner, there would be less wars and sickness in the world

Methods For How to Deal With Anger

  1) Dissipate your anger and other negative emotions through deep breathing to regain a calm mind, body and emotions. Keep breathing until you develop a deep, rhythmical pattern and continue until you feel settled.

  2) Express your feelings in a non-attacking, non-threatening manner to the person who triggered your emotions. Remember, the external situation is only a mirror. If you are not holding any issues within, you would not react.

  3) Take responsibility for how you think and feel. Your feelings always follow your thoughts and perceptions. If you don’t like how you are feeling, change what you are thinking.

  4) Increase your own energy by accessing your inner self through meditation. By merging with the divine essence within you learn to love, honor and accept others and become your own well of happiness. Don’t depend on others to make you feel good.

   5) Be in touch with your physical and emotional responses-do not deny how you feel. Burying something under the carpet or holding emotional dis-ease within, e.g. swallowing our tongue for the sake of peace or to not create waves will lead to disease, peptic ulcers, cancer, heart problems, etc.

  6) Resolve why you feel hurt and let it go.

  7) Learn to live in each moment.

  8) Be willing to change; the only constant thing in the universe is change.

  9) Don’t poison your body with harmful food, thoughts or emotions.

10) Release judgment. Choose to have only positive thoughts and assessments about others and also about yourself.

  11) Replace fear motivation, which is the underlying emotion of anger, with love motivation.

One of the most powerful tools in healing the emotional body, and consequently the physical body, is forgiveness - forgiving both ourselves and others.

Here are some anger management tips from the Mayo Clinic.

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