Wondering How To Deal
with Depression?

Affirmation: I deserve my love and affection!

Once you realize that you have depression, learning how to deal with depression starts with feelings about yourself.

If you can understand the concept that you deserve your love and affection even though you may not have received it as a child, you have won half the battle.

Now, it involves learning how to overcome it and then doing what works for you. My recommendation is saying this affirmation 10 times at least 5 times a day.

According to Dr. A.T Beck, M.D. former Professor of Psychiatry at University of Pennsylvania, (an authority during my university studies), the definition of depression involves the following attributes:

  • specific alternation in mood: sadness, loneliness, apathy
  • negative self-concept: self-approaches and self-blame
  • regressive and self-punitive wishes: desires to escape, hide or die
  • vegetative changes: anorexia, insomnia, loss of libido
  • change in level of activity: retardation or agitation

These concepts have not changed, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression in 2020 will surpass cancer as the second leading cause of death and disability in the US.

Apparently, 15 million in the US alone is suffering from depression.

How to Deal with DepressionState of Depression

My Experience With Depression

Depression can sneak up on you. I was not aware that I was depressed during my childhood and did not become aware of my symptoms until much later on.

I was moody and very quiet most of the time, locking myself in my bedroom, practicing music or doing my homework. This pattern continued until I finally started socializing in grade 13 which is equivalent to first year CEGEP or university.

My mother suffered from depression. Statistically, if a primary parent has depression there's a 25 to 30 percent chance that it can be passed down to the children.

While in university, I learned how to deal with depression by being busy with drama, music, sports and my studies. Afterwards I fell in with a drinking crowd.

It was not until my early 30's that I finally realized that something was wrong, that feeling down all the time was not normal.

Yes, I heard the voices all this time, but I don't think that was the cause of my depression. It came from my early childhood, where there was continual fighting between my mother and father until they separated when I was 3 years of age, I remember missing my father terribly, and I felt I was the cause.

My mother was emotionally abusive, taking out all of her frustrations with her marriage on her children, and since I was the youngest, I got the brunt of it. Her moods were manic with vacillating highs and lows. During her lows, she was uncommunicative, yet I could feel her hostility towards me.

Exercising Helps in Dealing With Depression

During my depression, physical activity helped me to cope with it. I was fanatical about exercise and played tennis well into my 30's. When I felt agitated, I did some form of exercise. It made me feel good and so I became addicted to it.

Perhaps this remedy leads to many long distance runners and super athletes.

(Today, two women friends of mine in menopause have learned how to deal with depression by running daily.)

During the 70's, my psychiatrist put me on valium, but that just masked the depressed feelings, it was easy to get addicted to the pill. 

A friend suggested that I go to the support group he attended. I went and it was there that I started dealing with my feelings -  I felt safe in the group sharing with others who felt the same way as I did.

The group really helped me because I finally realized I was not the only one who felt depressed, (we often feel that we are the only ones) We were all learning how to deal with it, the group was very supportive.

Finally some relief!

During depression, my eating habits were terrible - snacking on unhealthy foods because I didn't feel like eating most of the time. When hungry, I ate what was fast and easy, this did not help my depressed moods.

Thankfully, I discovered juicing. That was how I got the nutrients I needed, I juiced what my body craved such as oranges or apples or carrots, beets.

Clara Hughes, the Canadian 6th time Olympian speed skater and cyclist who also suffered from depression said that her goals which included practicing daily helped her cope with depression.

Read about Clara Hughes' 12,000 kilometer Big Ride across Canada to end the stigma of mental health.


In learning how to deal with depression, eating healthfully is very important since depression affects the nervous, glandular and digestive/detoxification immune centers.

Carbohydrates stimulates serotonin, the neurotransmitter that helps to boost your mood and feelings of being full. The brain makes serotonin only after it has been fed carbohydrates with little or no protein

Eat complex carbohydrate vegetables such as:

  • potatoes and
  • tomatoes,
  • whole grain breads,
  • yams,
  • squashes,
  • root vegetables such as ginger, carrots, turnips, radishes and celery root
  • beans
  • greens

The other transmitters that must be fed for you to feel good are dopamine, melatonin, epinephrine and norepinephrine.

It's important to include these foods in your meals through making soups, salads and stir-fries ( use organic cococut oil)

Depression can also be caused by a lack of adrenal and DHEA hormones as well as the sex hormones of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. But before you take and pills, have a blood test done.

If you're hypoglycemic, chronic low blood sugar levels can trigger depression.

Your brain has a higher metabolic rate than muscles and therefore needs nutrients. One nutrient that is very important is magnesium which can be supplied by almonds, spinach pie, oatmeal, potatoes and halibut.

Vibrantly colored foods are rich in antioxidants which protect the brain from oxidative damage such as spinach and blueberries according to researchers.

High levels of homocysteine in the blood can produce depressive symptoms, and you can regulate your level with vitamin B6, B12 and folic  acid. Oral contraceptives can deplete vitamin B6.

Remember, the protein you eat should be low in fat to reduce toxic intake and lower calories.

Herbal Supplements

Besides the above natural remedies for depression, you can take herbal remedies from Pure Herbs at www.pureherbs.com such as D.A.N.C.

If you want to know more about these pure 100% natural herbal remedies, contact me.  I know they work because I have been taking them for ailments and supplements for years!

Read my page regarding mental health at mental illness stigma.

Natural Remedies For How To Deal With Depression

In conclusion, solutions for how to deal with depression:

  • daily exercise, doing what you enjoy
  • joining a supportive help group dealing with depression, talking about your feelings in a supportive setting is really important
  • juicing or eating regular and healthy foods, herbal remedies
  • dancing, join a group that does ballet or tap, or tango - it's a great way to express your feelings
  • learn how to play and instrument, (I play guitar, bass, keyboard and sing)

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