How To Deal With Grief Through
Journal Writing And Hearing Voices

In learning how to deal with grief , you will discover my experiences of loss and the devastating effects of losing loved ones in

"That Damn Voice Again Communication From Beyond"

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My book  will take you on a fascinating personal journey of spiritual awakening.

Through conversing with my spiritual guides and departed loved ones following the deaths of my mother, sister and partner, I was led on a journey of spiritual fulfillment.

My journal writing evolved into this book, where I dealt with my grief stages of denial, anger, depression - depression being the longest, and finally acceptance.

You will see that you are not alone while going through your grieving process and learning how to deal with grief.

Hi, I'm spiritual medium Tanya Tkach.

There are many different methods in learning how to deal with grief over losing loved ones. You will discover by reading "That Damn voice Again" how my method of writing in my journal about my daily experience, along with the help of my spiritual guide and loved ones, helped me to heal.

Hearing the soothing voices of my loved ones eased my suffering through the long and dark days of mourning.

"That Damn Voice Again" is a personal journey through a minefield of emotions that led to enlightened conversations with celestial beings. I describe everything that I experienced daily after the deaths of my mother, sister and partner. You can also read:

I've written this book as a journal, describing my intimate day-to-day feelings and experiences which was therapeutic for me and I hope will help you in learning how to deal with grief, too.

Within a few years of my mother’s death (which I had not yet accepted), my partner and sister also died. Bereaved and alone, I slowly began the painful work of dealing with issues I had avoided throughout my life.

Through Gnosis, Reiki and meditation, I developed my intuitive sense and began listening to the voices I had been running from my whole life. Read about my experiences in hearing voices.

My first guide Ihona wakened my sense of clairaudience through his loud thundering voice, and my second guide Matoowah reminded me of my long forgotten promise to assist others. In learning how to deal with grief, I used journal writing as a therapeutic tool which was also a channel for Matoowah’s spiritual message.

You will read how my partner and I conversed immediately after his death. Our conversations touched upon the eternal question, "What happens to a soul once it leaves the body?"

You will also learn how I discovered the healing therapy that I use with clients, by practicing it on myself as I was learning how to deal with grief. Through continual effort, I began eliminating my negative behaviors and emotions, which caused so much pain in my body, and learned how to replace them with positive feelings.

Being stubborn and insecure, I needed all the help from my spiritual guides to learn how to believe in myself and love myself enough to write this book.

"That Damn voice Again" is a unique view into the world beyond and offers comfort to those grieving over the loss of loved ones and will show you a method in how to deal with grief.

"Before reading Tanya's book, I had no idea how mainstream the crossover between spirit and the physical body could be. I have been able to understand the connection between underlying hurts we hold on to and the invisible wall that keeps us from living. She has helped me see that the more we face our fears, the lighter less burdened we become, which allows us to open to life and living fully.

Thank you Tanya for caring enough to help me to this beautiful place, my life."

Jill Strapp

How Journaling Helped Me To Write
"That Damn Voice Again"

This book originated through suggestions from my spiritual guide Matoowah in 2002. I had no inclination to write, at least not while I was working in Mental Health in Massachusetts. One day Matoowah said to me,

"You and I were connected in a past life and I feel I owe you this – helping you with your talent as a writer. About 300 years ago, you are I were from the same tribe of Indians – the Sioux, We were warriors and became friends. You saved my life once and I feel indebted to you and to help you now in this way. I’ve wanted to repay you for years, and now I have a way to do this."

Little did I realize what writing this book entailed - all the personal work I needed to undergo before completing the book. During my steps of grief,  there was much cleansing to do within my body and mind, both emotional and mental which slowly started to unfold over the next 12 months

I had to remove the emotional blockages that were causing me pain in various parts of my body, especially in my lower and upper back, plus all the sorrow I was feeling daily. I missed my mother, sister and partner Wally terribly, and yet I was feeling tremendous guilt.

How I Discovered That Life Exists Beyond Death!

Fourteen years ago while I was having a healing session with a chiropractor, I was praying and asking for guidance concerning my life’s path. Then suddenly I heard a loud booming voice that said,

"You need to help others."

A few years later, I heard that voice again while driving home late one night from work in Massachusetts. It was quite similar to the other voice and it was loud. I can understand now that volume was needed to get my attention. And it did. The voice always came in while I was driving to and from work, telling me to,

"Be vigilant".

I learned later that this was the voice of my first spiritual guide, Ihona.

Not long afterward, I met my second guide Matoowah from whom I learned about my past lives. Matoowah became my writing guide who encouraged me to write about my conversations with my guides, and eventually with my departed loved ones.

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical concerning past lives and life on the other side.

Life after death was confirmed by conversations with Wally, my partner, who spoke to me immediately after he died in a hospital in Quebec. I was sobbing on the stairs after receiving a phone call about his death. Suddenly, I heard a voice which said,

"What are you doing and why are you making such a scene?"

It was then I felt Wally’s presence. His voice continued while I was packing and all through my return journey to Quebec. During that first conversation after his death he described everything to me on the day of his death. Believe it or not, my conversations with him were in a sense helping me in how to deal with grief.

This conversation is in the first chapter of "That Damn Voice Again" which was the first of many conversations that I had with him, my mother and sister and whose descriptions about dying were similar to Wally’s.

I share with you that first poignant conversation with Wally where he describes what happened on the day of his death. Listening to him talk about his feelings on dying helped me to learn how to deal with grief.

This conversation takes place after the operation to put feeding tubes into Wally’s stomach. "When I awoke, I knew I was finished. I knew there was no going back to the way things were. So I seriously started to think about this dying thing. I wasn’t afraid. You know, I was never afraid. The nurses kept asking me that question, and it made me angry because of all things I wasn’t afraid of that. I knew that my mother and father, Setti and all of my animals, and other family members were waiting for me. In my mind’s eye, I could actually see them. They appeared all in white with loving looks on their faces."

Chapter Four- An Introduction to
Matoowah, My Spiritual Guide:

I learned many things about her. She became my mentor and therapist as she helped me through my days of grieving and with her help I learned how to deal with grief. In one part of this conversation, she explains what Wally was trying to tell me about his experiences on the other side.

"Perhaps, I can shed some light on what he is trying to explain to you regarding his experiences here. When a soul or spirit leaves the physical body behind, it is transformed. It sheds all its complexities, feelings and attachments, which are all a part of earthly bodies. The souls or spirits are transformed into another being. Everything changes and it takes some adjustment.

At first, you do not realize that your body is left behind, and one reacts as if he or she were on earth. The guides are here to help everyone adjust to this sphere. Once the adjustment is made, the souls can see all of their loved ones waiting for them if that is the case; as in Wally’s case, he had his whole family and all of his animals, plus even your sister and her friend waiting to receive him. Your sister had a great attachment to Wally, also from another life time. The souls are euphoric. Nothing on earth can compare to their feelings at this moment."

Here is the editorial review: "That Damn Voice Again" that appeared in one of the newspapers of the Townships in Quebec, Canada, an important aspect of how I learned how to deal with grief.

While working near Boston, Massachusetts, a city Tanya always wanted to visit, she lost both her sister to an incurable brain disease and her partner to cancer of the throat within months of each other. Had she known that two of the most important people of her life were going to depart she would have spent their last precious time together.

Things happen for a reason, and in her case, losing both her sister and partner were devastating. Their deaths activated something very profound – her spiritual awakening. Going through this emotionally painful period resulted in her amazing transition – something that she had been searching for most of her life – her spiritual path.

Her book That Damn voice Again" takes the reader through her personal journey in learning not only how to deal with grief, but in the world beyond through her conversations with her departed mother, sister and partner and the most important spiritual beings in her life – her spiritual guides.

The conversations with her loved ones are extremely honest and intense, unlike any conversations they had during their time on earth together. In her book, she discloses hidden feelings that had estranged her from her mother throughout her life. Their discourse led to a more compassionate love between them. It also revealed family secrets her mother kept from her. Her discussions with her partner reveal the love and commitment between them that was not completely realized during their physical life together.

Along with Tanya, we learn what happens when the body dies and the soul moves on. Her partner openly describes his sensations and feelings while dying in the hospital, and also talks about his life on the other side.

We discover how Tanya’s spiritual guide, Matoowah, redirects her to her chosen path and her mission during this life – writing, giving workshops, spiritual counseling sessions that will help others. Matoowah’s predictions, many of which are occurring in the world today, are a fascinating read that leaves one breathless.

The loss of loved ones was Tanya’s wake-up call. After their deaths, she says that the meaning of her life transcended beyond anything she had experienced. The material success for which she strives for is no longer important. The significance of her life is now simple yet profound.

Tanya says, "Only through losing my loved ones did I realize that loving relationships are the most important aspect of my life."

Tanya’s book reveals how anyone can open their hearts to their own forgotten spiritual level and communicate with loved ones on the other side of the veil. She also shows us how to deal with grief.

Tanya’s early ability to hear voices was suppressed by her mother. When she told her mother that she was going to write a book. Her mother’s flippant reply was: "What could you possibly write about you’re only eight years old and haven’t lived life yet!"

According to Tanya she took her mother’s advice; she experienced life and is now writing inspired by the voices she hears once again.

Thanks Tanya!

Brave, daring and enlightening, "That Damn Voice Again" is disturbingly honest and unforgettable. It touched me profoundly and altered my views on life here and now. Francis Gallagher, screenwriter/story editor

This Book Taught Me How to Deal With Grief

It shows how to deal with grief, mourning and loss; how you can communicate with guardian angels who help you to heal your emotional blockages; how your animals can also help you to heal.

It shows how to deal with grief, mourning and loss; how you can communicate with guardian angels who help you to heal your emotional blockages; how your animals can also help you to heal. This book offers hope to those who:
  • Have lost their spouses, mothers and other family members and will help you learn how to deal with grief
  • Have lost animals
  • Are Alone
  • Seniors who are losing their abilities
  • Have lost their jobs and are not longer working
  • Feel disconnected and unhappy
  • Have lost faith and their purpose in life
  • Are left with unfinished business from departed family members
  • Are penniless
  • Have chronic pain such as stomach and back pain
  • Have lost their sense of direction
This Book Shows You How To Deal with Grief And Overcome It

Learn that communicating With our deceased loved ones Is as simple as thinking about them

Now . . . is Free!

Pay only shipping charges

Tanya Tkach has a unique ability to listen to voices from a wonderful source of inspiration. This book is an uplifting collaboration that unifies many worlds and many souls.

Thank you Tanya, for writing such a hopeful book!

Yeshim Ternar, author of Rembrandt’s Model, novel

This book has 249 pages jam-packed with thought-provoking conversations with departed souls concerning death, answering such questions as why we are here, and forecasting what’s to come that you won't find anywhere else! Also is a condensed journal of Tanya's experiences in how to deal with grief.

You can access "That Damn voice Again" FREE!

After reading this book you realize that there is more to life than having a career and raising a family. It will be the best investment you can make in your life time.

The information in this book is priceless!

"I think you'll be inspired by Tanya's spiritual awakening and conversations with loved ones in how to deal with grief. When you begin your own journey, you'll find her book encouraging."

"That Damn Voice Again" is inspiring, informative, and joyous to read. Tanya Tkach has a humorous and easy to read writing style. Her candor and descriptions of her experiences with her guides touched my heart and allowed me to open to my own guides and their wisdom. She and her guides have reminded me of the existence and majesty of ‘the other side’ and for this I am grateful.

Gissa Israel, Playwright and Performer

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