Husband's Needs and spirit child

by Lara

I have a couple of incidents I'd like to share.

First, a little background. I am not typically into this psychic stuff (I tend to prefer sticking to what I know), but lately I've been exploring it a bit more, since I had a dream where there was a visit from my late grandfather.

Last night, two things happened. I received a message from my sleeping husband, and I heard (I think) my child calling to me, even though I'm not pregnant yet.

Yesterday, my older daughter had a friend staying the night upstairs. My husband was downstairs, in the den, sleeping on the couch, ans making sure the girls weren't causing trouble.

I went to sleep in our bedroom. Not long after I drifted off, I had a lucid dream. In the dream, my husband and I were standing around the coffee pot in the kitchen (actually, the midpoint between where he and I were sleeping.) My husband was annoying me for some reason. Now, I should mention that we have a great relationship, but occasionally he annoys me, by tuning me out, or not talking to me as much as I think he should.

So in the dream I was saying "Dude, what is your problem?" He just kept saying "I don't know" in a quiet voice, as if he were embarrassed. Then he finally said "I just have some needs that aren't being met."

Then I woke up suddenly. The dream was different than other dreams- it was intensely real and lucid, and I really feel his spirit was sending me a message. As funny as it sounds, I feel like he was trying to tell me that I have been neglecting him in certain ways, and I definitely plan to fix that later tonight.

Now, for the next part of this. As I was lying there in bed pondering that weirdness, I heard a child's voice calling me, "Mooommmm! Moooommm!" I was not asleep at this point. It was not "hearing voices" in an audible way, it was inside my head, yet the voice was perfectly clear. It sounded like my child. But I have two girls, and this seemed to be a little boy's voice.

It's worth noting that my husband and I are preparing to get pregnant soon. He wants to wait a couple more weeks before we start trying.

But, well- later tonight when I address his "unmet needs", that may change!

Thanks for letting me share.

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