I Can Feel, Smell, and See Shadows

by Jennie
(Tulsa, OK)

Every since I was a little girl, I have seen people who can disappear in thin air.

When I lived in Arkansas and was 6 yrs old, I woke up one night to see an elderly gentleman fixing coffee and then walking into our den to rock in a chair. The lights were off, but I could see him as he smiled and sipped his coffee. I guess I was taking to him when my mother turned on the lights and then he was gone.

She took me to a shrink. I can't remember the outcome. Several days later, I was asleep and this little white dog woke me up. He ran to the bathroom and walked thru the wood pantry and disappeared under the clothes. I was trying to find him and my parents woke up and assured me it was a dream.

Growing up, I could sense and feel someone touching my hair, carresing my head and once, even sitting on the side of my bed. I woke up and a full fledged Indian chief sat there looking at me. I screamed my head off. My mom came again and sent me to see a shrink.

Since becoming an adult, many things have happened. I see people walking thru my house. I can't really make out a face that I recognize. I feel a cold wind pass by, sometimes I feel someone sit on my bed.

One night, I felt what I thought was a cat leap on my covers and walk up to me but, but no one was there.

After my father died, I heard him call my name clear as a bell. After my mother died of cancer, my son was born 3 weeks later.

I dreamt one night that she came to visit and held the baby. We had a very long conversation about our life and how well she felt. I saw her running thru a field of flowers and was happy.

She had been sick and depressed for many years, a stroke left her where she could not walk without a cane and now she was free. When I woke up, her shoes were at the foot of my bed as if she had just stepped out of them. I wasn't afraid.

Once my ex-husband and I were fussing because my back was itching and he would not scratch it for me. My baby was 4 months old and as I was walking my crying baby, I felt my mother's fingernails go across my back. I knew she was with me then.

Now, I am starting to feel a presense around me quite a bit. My dog watches something and growls.

I have moved out west into an apartment where strange things happen every day. I hear foot steps in the hallway, see dark images walk past my bar area in the kitchen, sounds like someone is cooking in the kitchen. I felt someone rub up against me the other day. And just 2 days ago, I heard my father call out some numbers like from a lottery. He loved to gamble and was good at it.

I smell my grand pappy's pipe. I have smelled my granny's youth dew powder several times and no one wears it here. I wouldn't get spooked so bad if I knew it was just family.

Please tell me what you think.

Also, for years, I've heard muffled voices. I can't really make out the conversations. Usually, when I am home alone or drifting off to sleep. Sounds like several people grouped together. I can sometimes, see people who have passed on, like as if they are standing right in front of me. They are so vivid in my mind.


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Aug 14, 2013
I Can Feel, Smell, and See Shadows
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Jennie,

You were born with special spiritual abilities, and with them you are able to communicate with souls and spirits who would like to reach you.

There is nothing wrong with you. I understand how your abilities frightened your mother. My mother was frightened too, when she realized I was speaking with spirits since as a young child.

It appears that you have accepted your abilities and are not frightened, but before you communicate with them it is important that you are grounded and protected.

I advise you to call in Archangel Michael and ask for His protection and to also cleanse your home daily. For more information, read about spiritual protection.

You can also visualize being surrounded by a Divine, bright light.

With your abilities, you can discover many interesting things from your parents and your spiritual guides, and you will also be able to give information to others.

To help you in your spiritual communications, start meditating daily, go to meditation-for-beginners.

Sending you light and love,

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