I Feel Lost And Unsure Of What Is Happening

by Anonymous
(Raleigh, NC)

I am not sure how to express all this, but I feel I have met my twin flame that never went anywhere. He called and stayed in contact, but could not get together due to circumstances.

I have been in this current relationship for 3 yrs and we have a special bond. There are many similarities, but this relationship has had its highs and lows. We are able to work through things and learned to communicate, but I'm uncertain of where it's going or if this is just to learn something or what?

I'm not sure. Any quidance or insight would be appreciated. My gut tells me my current relationship is long term, but I'm uncertain.

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Sep 22, 2012
My Sister Hates Me, Why?
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hi Tracy,

There could be a couple of possible explanations for your sister's behavior towards you.

Something could have happened in your childhood between the two of you that you have forgotten, but she remembers, or perhaps one of your parent's favored you as a child causing jealousy within her.

There could also be a past life experience between the two of you where something happened that caused negative feelings within her towards you that she is still carrying in her cellular memory. Often families come together in a particular life time to help one another, or to resolve past life issues that has created karma.

Read my page on cellular memory and
soul mates.

If you want to get to the bottom of this riff between the two of you, book a session with me at
online counseling.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Spiritual Counselor

Sep 21, 2012
My Sister Hates Me, Why?
by: tracy


I have twin sisters, and one of them really doesn't like me for some reason or another. I have done nothing for her to be jealous of me. I don't bother anyone, and I keep to myself, but she always has something to say towards me.

We do not speak to each other at all, and I wonder why.

Thanks, Tracy

Sep 06, 2011
by: Mary Ann

Everything Tanya said was beautiful and alike to my feelings also. I like to think we need to learn to love and respect our own self first...and the rest will follow...

Mary Ann

Sep 06, 2011
I Feel Lost And Unsure Of What Is Happening
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


It is only through relationships that we learn about ourselves. Each relationship brings us something that we need to learn which I call our lessons in each life time.

It is important to follow "your gut" as you call it or your intuition. These "gut" feelings come from your higher self which will never lead you astray.

Many are meeting their twin souls (twin flames) during this life time, but before coming together they both need to be ready for the relationship as it is one of unconditional love for each other and humanity. A twin soul relationship is concerned with helping others.

Sneding light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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