I Have More To Say About My Abilities

by Jes
(GA, USA )

Some days ago I wrote about me hearing voices that predicted what would happen that came true. Although it's never, "on this day this will happen" fortune telling, it's more like chopped up hints and such.

What I forgot to include was that I hear all the time voices telling me to wake up. Well, I am back because I have more to share, but since it's not dealing with hearing voices I'm not sure if you'll get to see this or not. I'm not quite sure how put this. I think I can link my mind with others...I'm going to give examples of what I am trying to say.

Example 1: My friend got high but had to drive me home, he hadn't done it in a while so flipped out behind the wheel. He pulled over and had a pep talk with himself I believe because he was freaking out, I was there to help in some way.

He drives me home and I am so scared that he's going to lose his shit behind the wheel. I'm waiting trying not to call, but then all I heard right above my shoulder were tires screeching and the sounds of a huge collision. I called him twice and he didn't pick up. Right as tears sprang in my eyes I called again and he answered saying he literally just got home.

Example 2: I am openly gay so I have a girlfriend, we always do the little puppy love, "fall asleep on FaceTime" stuff. I had a dream that she had sex with a girl that had braids aka her baseball manager. So the next morning I asked if her dreams were nice, she gave the slick face so I know she had a dream about sex, she didn't want to tell me because she thought I would've been mad, so I told her what I dreamed last night. I described her freaking dream man.

I honestly feel like all of us that hear these voices are needed for a purpose greater than us. I just wish I knew what it was for.

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Dec 18, 2016
I Have More To Say About My Abilities
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Jes,

Yes, our abilities are to help others and in time you will know how your abilities can help others.

You can always ask.

I didn't realize why I heard voices until some time later in my life, and I admit the voices used to drive me crazy.

As I do my internal spiritual work, my abilities become more intense and more accurate, it is just the way it is.

In my senior years, I am at peace with my abilities. I only wish that I could help more people, but not everyone is open to the spiritual realm, so I help those who are, and pray for the others.

Keep doing your work, and keep your faith, it will come to you.

Sending light and love,

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