I Hear Voices Since I Was a Child

by Cheyenne

I don't remember when I really started hearing voices in my head, but I do remember very clearly the following incident.

I was around 8 or 9 years old. My mom had sent me downstairs to get some silverware for some guests that were coming over. I headed down into the basement and turned one of the lights on.

I decided to not turn on the second one because the first gave enough light. When I went to get the silverware I opened the drawer and stopped. This is because I sensed someone watching me, thinking it was my brother I turned the corner and said, "Boo", but no one was there. So I went back to get and to count the silverware.

When I was done and closed the drawer I heard maybe a five year old say, "Hello Cheyenne". How are you?"

I knew no one was down there with me because the guests hadn't arrived yet and my brother was up with my mom. I ran upstairs and asked my mom if she called me. She said, "No."

I am now 13 years old and I hear more and more voices everyday, and feel as if there are more and more unknown presences watching me.

My door would be closed and I'd feel as if my door was wide open and someone was watching me. I'm really confused. Some of my friends say I'm going mad, but I know I'm not. I'm my regular self.

My question is, "What's happening?

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Apr 07, 2015
I Hear Voices Since I Was a Child
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Cheyenne,

You are realizing that you have the ability to hear and to communicate with spirits on the other side.

When a person dies, the soul, which we all have needs to return home to be with the creator. Some souls, which we can call spirits, linger here on earth because they do not know where to go. These spirits are looking for those they can speak to and communicate with.

You have the ability of hearing and sensing spirits. That is okay, there is nothing wrong with you. Many more people are realizing that they have this ability, and feel that something is wrong with them. We all have some type of special ability, but many do not realize it and are being awakened now during earth's ascension.

Now that you know you can communicate with spirits, it is important who you communicate with. Many can have negative vibrations, just like people here on earth, and may try and frighten you. This is why you need to always have protection when you are communicating with the spirit realm.

You can call on Archangel Michael who is our protector and ask Him for protection, and you can always imagine or visualize that you are surrounded by Divine light.

If you feel(your intuition) that a spirit is bad and is saying nasty things, you can call in Archangel immediately and ask Him to remove the spirit. You do not have to communicate with a spirit that is making you feel uncomfortable.

Always trust your your intuition

Sending light and love,

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