by Sylvie Tselikas
(Paros, Cyclades, Greece)

Four weeks ago, I lost my cat named Nana.

She's female sterilized 3 years old. She was a home cat, but she was playing around the garden for hours! But always she was coming back home.

On Friday night, 4 June she asked to go outside and she never came back. We called her for 10 days in the night, but without a result.

We tried the pendulum, but it doesn't work properly for me (I definitely have too much conscious influence on it).

I would really appreciate it, if you could help me with your pendulum and tell me if you feel something for my cat!!

I sent you a picture of my cat and a picture of the map of where I live.

Sorry for my English, but I'm from Greece!!

Thank you very much.

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Feb 09, 2012
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


Cats are basically predators – hunters - and they will often go off to hunt/and or mate, it is a natural instinct in cats.

Accidents can also happen to cats as they are not aware of the danger or cars. You can ask for protection for your cat from Archangel Michael and pray that your cat is safe where ever it is. You also have to be prepared to let the cat go if it does not return.

If it’s meant to be, the cat will return to you, if not release it.


Feb 06, 2012
Lost Cat
by: Anonymous


You could also ask tanya if she can help you with her pendulum.
Wish you the best!!


Feb 06, 2012
Lost Cat
by: Sylvie

Hi Heleni,

Unfortunatly, my cat never came back home!! We had a very bad summer. We called her for about 2 months. I was very stressed as you and was crying for hours. Even though many months have passed, I still hope to see her one day on my window. In September, we took a new cat and it helped us a lot. Especially for my kids.

I wish you the best and wish your cat will be back home safe soon.
Good luck Eleni.


Feb 05, 2012
Help Please To Find My Lost Cat
by: Anonymous


I'm Eleni and I'm from Greece too. My cat has been gone for almost 20 days...I hope he'll be back. We live in Santorini. Did your cat came back?

I don't know how to feel, should I wait for him to come back, or should I grieve for him?

The stress is killing me, he is very special for me...help...

Aug 07, 2011
She Back Yet?
by: Anonymous

It's been weeks.
How would a pendulum help find a cat?

I thought they give you answers you already have inside you, just need to surrender the conscious mind to the subconcious. Your subconcious wouldn't actually KNOW the location or else your conscious mind would too.

Jul 14, 2011
Lost Cat
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much.

I hope that my baby will come back home soon as yours!! I miss her so much.

Jul 08, 2011
This Happened To Me
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to let you know that my cat had vanished for a few weeks, and I truly thought she was gone forever.

One day I peeked over on my balcony and guess who I saw? My sweet tiger!

I hope you found your buddy :-)

Jul 04, 2011
I Need Help To find My Lost Cat
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Sylvie,

Your English is fine.

I received that your cat just wanted to disappear for a while and will return when she is ready.

You need to have faith, and ask that she is well-protected.

Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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