I Saw Spirits or Ghosts In My Bedroom

by Gemma


I'm 13 now and I no longer see ghosts or spirits. I only saw a few anyway. I will explain what happened since t happened when I was about six.

Me and my sister shared a bedroom when we were little. Her name is Kristy. One night I felt something push me down whilst I was lying down (if you get what I mean). I immediately woke up and in the door way of my bedroom there were 5 black human figures. It's hard to describe what they looked like, but I will continue on. There was a tall adult another adult, but a bit smaller than the first one. There were also 3 children. I just want to let you know that I have a mum and a dad and two sisters and two brothers (just in case the number of people I lived with has a conection with the size and number of the spirits).

First one of the spirits jumped on my bed somehow I was still in the same position, turned on my side looking at my sisters bed and the doorway, but managed to see the ghost on my bed even though I wasn't looking up. It then jumped on to kristy's bed and she didn't realize because she was still sleeping. It then jumped back to the doorway and they all disappeared in a flash. I was so scared I just layer there literally speechless. No one in my family would believe me, but luckily I have three good friends who all believe in ghosts, UFO's, dragons ect... ect...

But any way,

My second, and last experiance was so scary. I was probably 7 or 8 when it happened. It was just a random night probably at around midnight and I was sleeping. The next second I literally felt someone slap me really hard. I woke up crying but I could not see anyone. By this point in time my sister had moved out of my room (I think). So I walked down the passage way to find her because I thought it would be safer with her. Apparently I had a red mark on my cheek according to Kristy anyway. But now she and my whole family won't believe me.

My family has had a few spiritual encounters. Not neccesarily seeing ghosts or spirits but yeah... Kristy said she had a dream once (long ago) where there were all these random people's names swirling around. My mum believed her and asked what some of the names were. She said one (which I can't remember) and my mum knew that person. Another time was when my brother saw two (see through) feet walk into his bedroom (or at least I think that's what happened)

Thank you so much for listening to me blabber on. But before you go I was just wondering if you could tell me some info on this (um... Not sure what it's called). I'll explain it. It's only been happening for a few days literally, but Ive had some dreams that hint towards something that happens the next day. I can't really remember the dreams that well, but I know they definitely hinted towards something happening.

Like two days ago I had a dream and I think in it there was a song about an ocean. The next day me and my sister watched the movie Titanic. There was another one as well but I really can't remember it or what happened the next day.

Last night I had a pretty realistic dream where I was watching The Voice. A women and a man got chosen from Keith's group to go and battle on the stage. They sung so well, but I don't have one memory of the song they sung. Then Keith (one of the mentors/judges) said that it was one of the hardest choices he had ever made. I don't know who won that round but yeah... So today I looked on the tv Guide to see if the voice is on today and it's not. But it's on tomorrow night. So I'll see if my dream comes true.

Thank you so much for your time,

Sincerely Gemma

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