I Totally Understand Emotionally the Twin flame Separation

by Farz


I am a male Twin Flame and am waiting in sorrow and pain for my love who is female, but who carries male energies, although physically a beautiful sweet caring female.

I love her more than I love the Cosmos. I have texted her that numerous times. We need to be patient, compassionate, loving and just go with the flow, knowing that there is no mistake, no wrong path, no wrong thing to think or do. Everything we go through, feel, do, think, emotions, actions, non-actions, nutrition, exercise or lack thereof is no coincidence or error. It is all part of The Divine Plan.

Our body and our mind and our emotions are just witnessing the unfolding of all the events that are needed to be done before the reunion. There is no right or wrong way, every way is RIGHT :)

It is painful, sorrowful and difficult, I understand and I have really tough days that I just wanna die, and days that I want to laugh and have fun and enjoy life.

This polarity and dichotomy and paradox is part of our assimilating all of our parts, and our specific Twin's parts such that when, at the RIGHT TIME designed by Our Own Specific Individualized Twin Flame Plan, the couples reunite as per special guidance beyond their own and others understanding and logic :)

Just have faith that when the time is right, you and he will reunite, there is no other way. Reuniting IS THE ONLY WAY :) It takes time, patience, compassion, love, simplicity in thought, living a joyful fun life, 'giving/sharing' with others in any way that feels right as per innate intuition, fun songs, doing arts crafts music, painting, drawing, sketching, writing, biking, swimming, walking, coffee chats with anyone and everyone, baths, comedies, specially romantic comedies, being in and around nature, drinking lots and lots and lots of water throughout every and each day, lots of plant matter and sea plants.

Having fun, basically in any way feasible would be helpful to ease the pain of the temporary physical-temporal separation of the Twin Flame.

I hope this helps, but I know it is not easy. I have had a very rough time and still do, but am learning to surrender to life and just text her less often over time, naturally, but I keep loving her immensely and sending thoughts of love and affection and healing to her and all humanity and the earth and the Cosmos at large.

I also keep in mind and have faith that we will reunite soon, whenever and wherever that may be :)

She has not returned my texts for a few years, but I know she loves me as much as I love her, if not more :) This is THE TRUTH :)

Hang in there please, as all Twin Flames will and must reunite, there is no other way. There is no error, there is no mistake, there is no 'doing things wrong' or 'living wrong'. It just IS what is IS :)


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Mar 13, 2016
Longing for My Twin flame
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


But, one must remember it will not be on our time and when we expect it or would like it to happen. It will happen when you are both ready. Maybe it will happen in this life time and maybe not, either way the journey is continuous.

The twin Flame relationship is about unconditional love, and acceptance of where the other twin is at on their spiritual journey.

Sending light and love,

Mar 13, 2016
Keep holding on
by: Longing for my Twin Flame

Yes, do hang in there.

What beautiful things to say to a loved one, no wrong no right...I will hang on to those words that all Twin Flames shall and must reunite, for I too wait to reunite with my Twin Flame whom I have not seen since the beginning of this year, last thing from him was "stop!"

When in my desperate attempt to be heard I drowned his ph with numerous texts of thoughts and emotions that had been left unsaid because his disinterest, constant walking away from conversations and lack of patience to communicate on a daily basis...I have not contacted him since that painful day in hopes that my silence and the passing of days will have him if not missing me at least wondering where I went...

I will hold on to the wonderful thought that all Twin Flames will and must reunite.

Mar 09, 2016
I Totally Understand Emotionally The Twin flame Separation
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Thank you for sharing Farz.

It appears that you have accepted what is going on with your twin and you are going with the flow. This is all any of us can do and the sooner we accept what ever the situation is, everything becomes much easier because we do not resist. Resistance causes pain.

We need to go on with our lives and experience what we are here to do, which you said very well in your message.

Sending light and love,

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