Importance Of Drinking Water Daily?

To understand the importance of drinking water, you need to know what it does in your body.

importance-of-drinking-waterImportance of Water On The Body

Why drink water? Here's what it does:

  • flushes out excess waste
  • helps to relieve constipation
  • alleviates fluid retention
  • keeps up the muscles' ability to contract, maintaining muscle tone
  • suppresses the appetite by filling up the stomach
  • helps the body metabolize stored fat
  • helps prevents skin from sagging after weight loss by filling out the cells.

The Importance of Drinking Water is Therapeutic

A dehydrated body cannot perform effectively, making it much more difficult to function.

Water can make you run faster and safer. In a 2011 study, 14 runners completed two sets of laps, one in which they showed up hydrated and got water during breaks, and one in which they had to limit their fluid intake during the run and for 22 hours beforehand.

Runners that were hydrated had faster times and lower gastrointestinal body temperatures and healthier heart rates post-run.

Here is a list of ailments showing how the importance of drinking water can be used as therapy:

  • Diabetes - drink 6 to 8 glasses a day of pure water to remove through the skin and kidneys all the sugar that is not oxidated from the body
  • Rheumatism and Arthritis - need to drink large quantities of water to dissolve and eliminate uric acid and other waste materials and to stimulate kidney function
  • Constipation - drink 2 glasses of cold water before breakfast to help overcome constipation
  • Edema - when tissues in the body, especially the feet are swollen, drink several quarts of of pure water daily. Drink it only in the early morning and evening, not between. If it is necessary, only drink it in ounces.
  • Gallstones - drink 8 to 12 glasses of water daily to dilute the bile secretion and flush the liver.
  • Prescription Drugs - need to drink copious amounts of water in order to flush the drug out of the system after it is "used' and helps the liver detoxify the substances. Also, always take yogurt or acidophilus tablets or liquid when on a prescription drug. This helps to achieve normal elimination and may help to prevent a yeast infection during long-term drug use.
  • Dehydration  - here are symptoms of dehydration. Intense thirst Hunger, Dizziness, Swollen tongue, Confusion, Weakness, Lack of energy, Heart palpitations, Inability to sweat, Decreased and discolored urine (When urine is a deep yellow or amber color, it is a sign you need to hydrate.) and Faintness.

Dehydration is often confused with other conditions, and can therefore become increasingly dangerous.

For example, an early sign of dehydration can be hunger. If you just ate and still feel hungry or sluggish, your body is not telling you it needs more food. Rather, it is telling you that your cells and muscles need water. So next time you find yourself hungry, have a glass of water.

A lot of the time, the salt content in food will even further dehydration. The same applies if you're feeling dizzy, sluggish, confused or out of sorts. The simple solution may be a glass of water.

What's in Your Water

Part of the importance of drinking water is to know what is in the water before you drink it.

There are things lurking in your tap water such as fluoride that causes many health risks.

According to this article by Dr. Mercola concerning fluoride in drinking water, he says that there is not a single process in your body that requires fluoride, but swallowing this toxin was found to damage your soft tissues (brain, kidneys, and endocrine system), as well as teeth (dental fluorosis) and bones (skeletal fluorosis)."

He writes that there are more than 100 published studies illustrating fluoride's harm to your brain, plus 25 published studies directly linking fluoride exposure to reduced IQ in children!

Dr. Bill Osmunson, also an avid supporter of fluoride opposition, states:

"No one fixes IQ. This is an irreparable, irreversible damage that's happening to our public. When you look at the bell curve of human distribution of intelligence, at the very bottom, is what we scientifically call the mentally retarded. When you skew IQ five points down, that means that you're doubling the number of mentally retarded and you're halving the number of gifted and everybody else moves on down."

It’s also known that over time fluoride accumulation in many areas of your body, including areas of your brain controls and alters behavior, particularly your pineal gland, hippocampus and other limbic areas.

A particularly striking animal study published in 1995 showed that fluoride ingestion had a profound influence on the animals' brains and altered behavior. Pregnant rats given fluoride produced hyperactive offspring, and animals given fluoride after birth became apathetic, lethargic "couch potatoes."

Dr. Osmunson says that the fluoride in your drinking water, is not the naturally-occurring variety, not even the pharmaceutical grade.

Here's what Dr. Mercola says about fluoride,

"It's a toxic industrial waste product, which is also contaminated with lead, arsenic, radionucleotides, aluminum and other industrial contaminants, and even worse if your municipality is foolish enough to purchase it from China."

Find Out About Blue Water

I'm writing about the negative effects of drinking tap water, but in order to understand the importance of drinking water, you need to know what's in your tap water.

I live in the country with a well, but I still have a filter system on my water, but I still drink blue water

For another interesting article regarding the importance of drinking water daily, read benefits of drinking water.

Besides having a filter system, I'm also drinking blue water which is the best drinking water and is very healthy for you.

Actually, it was through hearing God's voice that I became accustomed to hearing about blue water during one of our conversations.

To make blue water, you fill a transparent blue bottle with tap water. Then you place this bottle directly in the sunlight for about 4 to 5 hours. This water becomes highly charged by the sun and has healing properties.

Here is a list that will make you realize the importance of drinking water, blue water. It heals:

  • Rough and dry skin
  • Large pores
  • Yellowish complexion
  • Red inflamed eyes
  • Chapped hands

More Reasons to Drink blue Water

  • Nervous Condition, drink a small glass of blue water after meals, it will balance your system.
  • Insomnia, drink a glass at night. I use this method when I have trouble sleeping. It also helps to cure
  • Headaches – wring a cloth in blue water and place it on your forehead. It will relieve your headache in a few minutes.

Drinking small doses of blue water each hour will also cure:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dysentery
  • Inflamed and painful stomachs, I often drink this when my stomach is sore, especially with ascension symptoms.
  • Cancerous skin growths

The charged blue water can also be used as an astringent and an antiseptic.

You can find out more about the importance of drinking water, blue water at The Amazing super Powers of Blue Water.

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