Is He My Twin Flame? Did We Reincarnate?

by Addy

This is my first time to share my story. I was prompted to do this hoping somebody out there can give me some advice or answers to my questions. And, please do understand my English as this is not my mother language.

I'm 31, married for two years and no kids. Our marriage is a union of two people with different culture, language and beliefs.

I have a friend who happened to have the same age as me and same nationality as my husband. We've been friends for 4 years. I met him before I met my hubby at the place where I used to work. The day I saw him for the first time, my colleagues were fascinated by him because he's quite an attractive man. So, when I checked him, it was odd because I wasn't even surprised or amazed by his charming face. His appearance was not familiar to me, but it's like I already saw his face before.

Everybody kept talking about him and they all wanted to speak/see with him again. Well, except me. I don't know why, but somewhere deep down in my thoughts, there is a feeling that I'm going see him again one day.

We became good friends though as I was assigned to handle his papers. Months later, he went back home, and I admit we emailed each other several times saying hellos and checking what's going on with our life.

Two years later, my husband and I married, and told my friend that we are now in the same country. Then last year, as he and I continued our communication thru emails, he invited me to visit his city which is 3 hrs. away from the city where I reside. So, I went there and met him with his 3 friends and girlfriend.

I was so nervous as they picked me up at the bus station, then we headed to his house first to drop my bag because the plan was I will sleep over at his girlfriend's place for one night. However, it changed for I don't know why (I ended up sleeping at his sister's room later that night).

When got to his place, almost everything was familiar to me. The hallway, the living room, kitchen and mudroom. I'd never dream't about that place before. I felt so strange and my anxiety was getting worse which I couldn't explain why.

We talked for few hours while having some tea, then I gradually realized that he and I have a lot in common and I could see myself in him like a mirror. I'm not certain if he felt it either, but I think we started to admire each other since then. We had dinner with his friends and I went back home in the morning.

After this, I started to dream of him. I dreamed thrice that we had life together before in a Hispanic country. I also felt that there's a missing piece of me after I left his city. It was like my soul or my spirit was awakened. I could really feel him even if we are at a distance. I could hear his voice calling my name. In my other dreams also, he was waiting me, but I refused because of my husband.

Like the other stories, I don't want to cheat on my husband because I love him. I've always remained loyal and faithful to him despite of my feelings inside. I admit it was a struggle, my feelings for my friend were very strong and it made me exhausted many times. It was hard to control. Because of this, I started to read about twin flames, and fortunately, I learned to control my feelings.

Now, its okay. However, deep inside my soul, he's still there like he's always with me.

Do you think my friend is really my twin flame? Because I do think like that, but I don't know how he feels. If he is, do you think in another time or at the end, we'll be together? That I will see him again?

Because that's what the info says on the internet.

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Feb 13, 2013
Twin Flame
by: Anonymous

I read your posting. That is amazing. I wanted to tell you that I have had similar experiences in other ways.

I have learned however, that the "reasons" behind these experiences are rarely (in my case) realized until after the experience is over.

Maybe, in your case, that red thread that connects us all is a little closer to the surface with regard to this person you speak of.

I wish you all of the best,


Feb 12, 2013
Is He My Twin Flame? Did We Reincarnate?
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hello Addy,

I do not know if you will come together in this life time, it depends on your soul journey and why you both decided to come together during this life time.

Perhaps, you may just be here this time to help one another and to be friends. We all come here to learn our lessons, and before you do come together (as you may have read in my other comments) it is necessary to have done your work otherwise it will not work between the two of you.

Your main purpose when you are together is to help humanity and for that reason it is necessary to do overcome your personal issues.

Sending light land love,

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